Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More pictures of the Red Neck clothesline. ...
Hi Everyone, Long time no posts. It has been a super busy month so far. We have gotten rid of four of the evil goats. The ones who kept escaping on us. We got "shorty" back in the yard and caught the 3 other rogue goats. Vinnie the skunk is growing and getting big. I have a picture of the evil goats up to their naughty pranks I will post it next time.
Other then catching goats August has been a very busy month and so was the end of July. The diabetes has been a royal pain in the ass the past few days. We are talking blood sugars that just didn't want to come down. I was given samples of the cleos by a friend to try and I love them. Trying to think of what else we did in the past month. A ton of crap. Feeding the animals. They are all getting big and the donkeys are getting to be wise asses. Oh we did have the great turkey escape. We were feeding him one night and he fell through the bottom of his pen. All you could see was his one wing and head. I then watched him get his head out. Jumped on the gator and got the heck out of there. The next day we find him sitting next to where we normally feed the horse. You must understand the turkey is a nasty bugger. Well that day we have a goat with its head caught in the fence. I send mom off to feed the horse while i feed the cows. Well the turkey decides to chase mom on the gator. She even tried giving him some cracked corn. I then see mom driving the gator and the turkey chasing behind her. I WISH I had a video camera. I was laughing so hard. She stops quick to pick me and the dog up. I then say mom you have to make him afraid of the gator. So we start pretending we are gonna run him over. We get him to go up and around the chicken coop. We then proceed to finish feeding the animals and rescuing the goat who was trapped in the fence. The next night we find the turkey in the old pig pen. Since he was in there we shut the gate and locked him up. It is a state secret that he can fly. We are not telling the fat bird he could fly out of this coop.
The pictures I posted at the top of this post our of the redneck clothesline. My uncle and his friend W. restore tractors. One day we looked down the barn to see this clothesline up in front of the barn. I told them the next time they just need to add a pair of bloomers to the clothes line to make it really a good picture. I need to get going now. Have a ton of stuff to do and not much time to do it in.