Monday, April 03, 2006

The best day of the year
Well today is opening day for the baseball Season. All I can say is Let's go Yankees. I was born into a family of Yankee fans. Heck I was even a fan when Erik Kerplunk, aka Erik Plunk, pitched for the yankees. The 80's was a really bad decade for the Yankees. I always rooted for them. I grew up a fan of the great Thurman Munson. Not sure what made me like Thurman so much but he was a great player and man. It really is hard to believe last year it was 25 years since he died in a plane crash. My dog was almost named Nealy after Paul O'neal. We named her Penny after the state she came from. Teeny after Tino Martinez might have been a better choice. My brother is really big baseball fan. He was going to name their second child Donald Thurman if i was a boy. It was a girl. It is now time to watch the Yankees start the Season. Let's go Yankees.
Also for all you Red Sox fan's your team broke my heart in 1986. A YANKEE fan routing for the enemy and what does Billy buchner do but let the damn ball go through his legs. I hate the MET's more then the Red Sox especially in 1986 with their cocky attitude.
As far as the diabetes is going it is doing pretty good. Today I have had decent numbers. I actually changed a basal rate and am hoping it helps prevent the lows in the morning. Another special treat today I got to pet Jesus of Jesus and lasurus.