Thursday, February 01, 2007

Okay, Last appointment with pain doc went awesome. It took him only one stick to get into the pain pump. That is a major 1st here. He also knew he was in really didn't need the xray to confirm it because of something he feels. I swear they had a new thing which looked like the pump and he put it over top of the area it was and found the opening that way. If that is the case it should be pretty easy filling from now on.
Today, I went to the endocriminologist. We actually lowered some of my basals. It is a really needed step. Not sure what is causing these drops overnight but they are looney. Also we did an animal feeding basal to prevent the pre dinner lows. It seems that feeding the animals does drop the sugars somewhat. I need to e-mail Allison my records but not sure I will qualify a lot of lows. Actually my % are much better according to co pilot. It is rather interesting to actually have a graph representing the stuff.
On the animal front, Oscar the calf went to market on Tuesday. Yuhoo the cow is now making a bag, making milk. According to brother and mom they make milk for a long time before having their first calf. We are still waiting for goats to have their babies but they are holding out. The god damn goats are still up to their evil little selves. Anyone want some goats. Also called today about a Jack Russel puppy, but they only had boys left. Mom only wants a girl. Penny says she only wants a sister. On the Jack Russel front she has to go to the vet for followup bloodwork on Saturday. She is not vomiting anymore which is a great thing. She is very spoiled right now. Actually getting only pouches of food no kibble. I think we have created a monster here. Well time for me to get going. Take care.