Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hopefully headed in the right direction
Well I finally broke down and e-mailed the pain center I used to go with to schedule an appointment with one of their pain doctors there. The cost since I know they do not accept my insurance is astronomical, but hopefully worth it. She actually works under a doc I was seeing before who was great doc. He switched his focus to more pallative care. The lady on the phone was really nice. She feels that the doc she gave me should be a good match for me. The one lady we were trying to get in with is leaving in June and only handles cancer patients. The other good thing is the appointment is less then a month away. I am hoping that she will have some ideas on how to manage this foot pain and will be willing to do the paperwork for me. I am really frustrated at the one doctors office for not doing the damn paperwork. Also I feel that neither doc is paying any attention to me or anything like that.
Okay well the animals now all have clean coops. One of the farm workers shoveled all the shit out of the pens and put new straw in each coop. The animals are so happy. I can now walk in the pen and not feel like I need hip waders. We do need to fix the entrance to the donkey pen as it has a big ditch but oh well. I spent some time visiting with the donkeys today. The baby goats are growing and being as devilish as ever. They love to climb on rocks and play king of the rock. Well I will updated you all later.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

One more picture for everyone.One more picture for you all. This is blackie and whitie taking a nap after a hard day of play on the farm. I hope you enjoy them. Georgie and White knight are doing great. They just need to stop moving their pail. The naughty donkeys.
Okay Everyone,
I promised you pictures of the baby goats. Well here they are. The first one here. They are blackie and whitie right now. They don't have real names yet. They were born on March 18th. They seem very cute and big. Had us worried today since they were hiding. Even their mother didn't know where they were. Need to teach these babies better manners. They must have been hiding under the one metal thing we had. After looking for a 1/2 an hour for them. We had finally given up. Well we notice the mother running up towards the top gate. Then we see the black one running to her followed by whitie.
The next picture is of Jesus and Lazurus. They were born on March 11th. They are very cute and growing everyday. They just need to learn to keep up with their mommy. Everyday she has to come back to the tree because the little black goat is still waiting for her. The white one follows mommy everywhere. I worry about the cows stepping on them.
This picture was taken of Jesus and Lasuruzus on March 17th. The are both sleeping by their barn in the sun. Oh the life of a baby goat on the farm.
The final picture in the series is of blackie. Their mother is in the backround. You can also see whitie's legs in the picture. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the babies.

Just to let you all Know. I was out trying to fix the fence between the pig pen and the animal pen. Well the Yuhoo the cow almost attacked me. Luckily I was next to the fence. I really think she terrified mom. I was laughing Crazy brown cow.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A very long two weeks
Well it has been a long time since I last blogged. Lot's has gone on in my world some of it nuttier then others. I went and got my pain pump filled. The procedure goes like this you lay on a table. The doc then cleans the tummy with a lot of stuff. Then with the x ray machine they try to find where the pump port is not an easy thing with me. Well this time was no different and probably even worse since it was alarming and he couldn't pull back any medicine to make sure he was in. The nurse does spray some freezy stuff on before he puts the needle in. Of course the doc tells me he HATES to fill my pain pump. SO now am on the market for a new pain pump doc and a pain doc in general. These two just ain't cutting it. I HATE doctor shopping.
After getting the pump filled. I came home and helped mom feed the animals. I then ate some dinner. Well dinner didn't stay down long. I ended up throwing it all back up. Luckily I had a bucket in my room. I felt cruddy and week for the next two days.
Then computer started acting up. It was running so super slow. Jeepers wasn't funny. I finally gave up. It actually needed defraging. It seems to be working a little better now.
Well last weekend we had a birth here on the farm. On Saturday we found out one of the nanny goats had a baby. Actually later found out she had twins, just not sure if she hadn't delivered the second one yet or what was up there. We found the twins on Sunday. So two new baby goats were born. The brown cow. Yuhoo was in the barn with the baby and the black and White cow, oats was sticking her head in. She mooed to announce the birth to all the other animals. Then on Monday we went to show a friend who was working on our house the baby goats. We couldn't find them anyplace. I looked both inside and outside. No Babies. Then i look in Oat's side of the barn. Unfortunately find two dead baby goats there. We assume they are the two babies born on Saturday. Well later on I go to look in the barn and the two baby goats are there. They are now named Jesus and Lazurus. Since they rose from the dead. We now have found where the nanny who we knew had goat either had lost them or they got hurt by the cow. A friend's father is calling the two babies the Holy goats. I will post pictures after the weekend. I am going to Philadelphia for a conferance.
Also brother closed the cows barn door and put a board up so the other cow can't get in the goats barn to protect the babies. There is another barn for the big animals. Funny thing is Yesterday afternoon the the holy goats were outside the barn and the cows came down and were nudging them with their noses. Telling them it isn't safe out here you need to go in the barn. I think the cows are gentle and try not to hurt the babies but their size does put them at risk. Well I am gonna sign off for now. Need to pack everything up.