Monday, January 30, 2006

Congratulations Daniel Doo
The chickens are clucking

Oats and Yuhoo are mooing....

Pork Chops and Applesauce are Oinking!!!!!!!

All to congratulate you Daniel Doo on 1 year of dealing with D.
Oscar the Bull says that ain't no Bullsh..
Congratulations Daniel and Vivian and your entire family from all the farm animals and Wendy and Penny. Sorry this was late.

I hate people who don't call back
Okay I've not posted in awhile. Just had a very busy weekend. Well actually more just fighting the darn foot then anything. I would give my kingdom for a week without rain here. I'm pretty sure the animals would love a week without rain, but it doens't seem that it gonna happen anytime soon. On Monday or Tuesday last week I finally got up the nerve to call and check the status of a claim. So the lady gives me another number to call. She is rather upset no one has spoken to me in about 6 months either. I call the number I am given and have been immediately connected to voice mail 3 times. I leave a polite message. I of course never get a gosh darn call back from this lady. I am debating calling the first lady again and saying I need another number to call since this is like peeing up a hill. My mom says maybe she is on vacation. I figure okay I will give her till Monday to call back. Also going to call again on Monday. This is just like trying to schedule an appointment with the NY pain doctor. It honestly takes 3 or 4 calls to get the woman to call you back. Luckily the doctor is awesome and I got in before he quit taking new patients. Thank you Spot. Which reminds me I need to call and schedule with one of his other doctors since I feel the guys out here in the sticks are not cutting it. Even the PA from endo's office says...."I thought they were changing the med last time." To my insert large eye roll here "Nope they didn't again."
On the D front things are going pretty good. I actually am asking to change one basal. I know I should just change it myself. I actually know the PA will get back to me. She e-mailed me all the lab results. My a1c was 8, but I had already informed them it was going to be up there. She also e-mailed me once again asking about symlin. I told her with the lows I was having are you nuts. She knows I tend to speak my mind rather openly and they symlin fight is gonna be a fight with me going down kicking and screaming.
On Friday the animals were visited by my grand niece and nephew. The little boy is a fan of Shrek 2 and loves the donkey. The next day their cousin's came down to visit the animals. Wednesday is "measuring" day for the all the animals. My sister's class and the other class are coming to measure everybody. I need to get a Halter on Georgie the donkey who figured out how to remove his halter a couple of weeks ago. I also need to go get them used to being on the lead a little bit. The only animal who worries me during the measuring process is Oscar the calf, but as long as we have food in his bucket he is a happy cow. They all don't come from California. The real challange is getting him to cooperate when trying to take him out of the pen. We have finally named the two remaining piglets. I used to call them piggets. Now they are...drum roll please. Pork Chop and Applesauce. Wait I will post a picture of them on the end of the blog. Well it will be them with there 7 brothers. Momma pig had 7 boy pigs and 2 girls. Actually she had 11 but two didn't make it past two days. Normally we are lucky if we keep 5 pigs because the momma ends up stepping on them. Last year I think we only kept 3 pigs. I do not remember how many we started out originally with but we were also dealing with a "pig napper". A foolish person who thought any pig who might look sick needed to be taken from its mother and bottle fed. The one pig only had lost the end of its tail and was fine. I was SO ANNOYED. Actually I told mom if another pig ends up missing I'm putting a sign up there that says wanted Pig Napper...dead or alive. Either that or should have put up missing posters. Piglets remain with their mother and most will do fine. Not easy raising a piglet by a bottle. I have been there done that. Quite a few years ago, Mom and I raised Wilburina, was Wilber, sister claimed that it's umbilical cord was it's penis. I tried to tell them fools that's it's umbilical cord, but I let them win. Lucky for that sister's girl the doctor told her which sex the kid was or who knows. Wilburina was stepped on and some concerned people who work here took her away from the momma pig. We got lucking with Wilburina got a book on raising pigs and made her milk up. She did get sick one day and I though we were gonna loose her. I came home in the middle of my work day and gave her a shot of penicillian. She perked up after that. I still remember he playing on the porch with my jack russel terrier. We ended up having to send her to market and not getting much money for her mom says. I just enjoy the memories of Wilburina. Opps sorry for rambling on about the animals.
On Saturday, I went with my sister and niece and nephew out to dinner, barnes and noble, and Walmart. The dinner part of this trip was interesting. We ended up going to IHOP after finding the wait at Cracker Barrel to be 40 minutes. We go in IHOP and get a table within 5 minutes. Well we wait and wait and wait. Waiters and waitresses just keep walking by our table. No one say's I'll be with you in a minute. Finally after awhile of no one seeming to realize we were there. We must have been such small people we were invisible. Yeah right. I am far from little here. Sister finally goes up to the hostess and say do we have a waiter or waitress. Well the one poor guy was dealing with this horrible table. I truely believe all they did was complain. This is our poor waiter. He was not the best waiter on the block but also not the worst waiter. I think the stress of dealing with the "nasties" who ended up not paying for any of their meals and they were a big group had stressed this guy to the max. After IHOP, we went on to the other stores and got our stuff. I really enjoy Barnes and Noble.
Sunday was a fairly boring day for me. I went with my girl scout troop to an exercise place so they could earn a patch. They seemed to have a good time. The one thing that killed them all was the spinning class. Two came up after water and they looked like little old ladies. One of the girls won some protein cookies. Oh the descriptions of those on the ride home. If you want to hear interesting conversations sit 4 teenage girls in the back of a minivan. Actually we have heard these conversations for almost 9 years now. Usually we get a few laughs in the process also. Oh also on Sunday night I watched Dateline. They were doing the case of Cheryl Botzet. I really had felt the mom was neglectful in the case and that she should be charged with something. I DO not feel it was first degree murder at all. I'm not sure what the definition of 2nd degree murder is but not sure if it was that either. The best charge is whatever they charge the Drunk Driver with when he kills someone. Well at the end of the interview one of the Dateline people asks do you feel you are at all responsible for Ariel's death. This woman has the guts to say NO she doesn't feel she is responsible at all. I almost threw something at the TV. That really upset me. The father's comments and actions were not great. Sorry your kid does not get a 15.1 a1c and only tests 2 times in one week without a parent dropping the ball. Also if the kid was sick the mother should have been testing her blood sugars. Just proves to you you need a license to drive but not one to be a parent. I was so peeved I went downstairs and said to my mom. Any of the parents I chat with online or even am on an e-mailing list would have never answered that question that way. I said heck if their kid had a low blood sugar and ran out in the road and got hit by a car. 99% of these parents would have said they were in someway responsible. That is my rant on that case. I actually remember this from Dog the bounty Hunter...a "kid" that lies is a better liar then any adult. If I had a kid with D and he/she were checking his sugars on his own I would be checking the meter at least once a day or every other day. One thing I never did when I was a teen was skip insulin. How dumb is this. I would NEVER and I mean NEVER test my blood sugar, but I always took insulin at least once a day. My pediatric endo tried everything. He would probably die to know how much I actually test now.
Okay now it is time for me to get going. I have a new book to read and of cours now since it is really late at night the blood sugar is going Up. I wonder if I have said how much I HATE Diabetes lateley. Oh and Daniel watch the blog tommorow. My cows are going to make a little post for you.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Missing teeth Story
Okay sit right back an you will hear a tale..... opps wait this isn't Gilligan's Island. I will start this story at the beginning. My mom went about two weeks ago to have her four remaining teeth removed. Prior to Christmas we had gone to the dentist so he could take impressions to and fix her partial plate so that she would have a temporary denture. Well mom has her teeth pulled and is doing fine. Today we go to the dentist to get her temporary denture. They take her back. The lady says "You are here for impressions. Did you bring your partial with you?" I happen to be sitting in the waiting room. Mom says "No, You have my partial you were adding teeth to it to make it a full plate." So I am guessing here they take mom back to the room and low and behold they cannot find her teeth anyplace. I hear the one lady call the place who must fix the teeth and they say it was signed for by "so and so". Well the person who signed for the teeth was fired from the Oral Surgeons office. Mom's dentist goes over two times to the Oral surgeons office to see if he can find the teeth. He even checks the chart to see if they tried the teeth on during the removal. Nope. Well Mom's Oral Surgeon is on vacation in Hawaii. The dentist was going to call her. Mom says don't bother her. I can wait. As we are leaving I say that some dog or criminal took the teeth. The receptionist says Dr. T's, Oral Surgeon's dog. Everytime mom has gone to the oral surgeon, the boss, dog, had been there. We both laugh. I said well if the CSI's show up at our house trying to arrest us for finding her teeth marks in someone. You will have to be one of her witnesses. We are giggling the whole ride home about the missing teeth. Mom then tells me how dad lost his teeth while sleeping one night. They couldn't find them in the bed and low and behold find the dog in the hall chewing them. YUCK!!!! I think the dog was trying to get new teeth since she was a nasty old hag. So if you find any teeth please let me know. Mom could use them now.
On a diabetes note, after the basal test last night. We backed my basal up by .2 to see if that helps matters. The animals are as looney as every. We have goats who want to be part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They think they are singing but they cry all the time. The horse is getting more patient while we put the other animals food buckets down and feed her. The momma pig has gotten mean to the piglets. She wouldn't let them eat any of the food yesterday. I told her you are looking like bacon, pork chops, Ham hocks, Ham Steak, sausage, and any other pork items I could name. The two asses are growing and behaving. Due to the rain and mud we have here white knight now looks like black night. Georgie is also very muddy but he is gray. The two cows are being as feisty and bratty as ever. Oatmeal thinks she was willed the barn when her momma died. Yuhoo is terrified of the horse. The goats well can be just BRATTY. If they would just eat their own food and not try to steal from everyone elses. My favorite midsize goat Gimpy doo is doing great. She knows she is the only goat allowed to eat by Yuhoo. That is by order of ME. I just need to call her over if she happens to go with the other goats. Well at least today it isn't raining or snowing. It is colder then cold though. Well I will update you on the teeth and the animals and everything in my world soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Trip to the eye doctor
Okay I went to the retinologist today for a 4 month eye check. I am actually very impressed with her but not necesarilly with her understanding of type 1 D. One of the questions was do you check your blood sugar regularly. I kind of got the impression they figure I might check once a day. UGGHHH!!!!! So she checks my eyes actually even did another check I have never had before. She looked at the area between the Iris and something else. I was rather impressed. They then dilated my eyes. I believe I shocked them because I was able to read my book and it really never got blurry. Now after leaving the office the eyes were super blurry. She then looked at my eyes and said they look the same. This actually has her baffled. I tried to explain to her I am a wierd one medically. She is now having me come back in 4 months to do a test with a dye and take pictures just to make sure everything is A Okay. I believe if I pass that test in 4 months I might be clear for yearly or every 6 month eye checks again. I have to say I am also impressed with my endocrimonologist. She called the doctor because of her mentioning that my eyes seeming to get better could be the "calm before the storm". She wasn't sure what exactly the eye doctor meant. The eye doc also encouraged me to change from the 30 day contacts to the daily wear ones because of the eyes not being able to breathe. I need to check out the price of the single day ones. I have lots of issues with the cleaning solutions and contact lenses. She also told me to take them out and wash them in saline solution to remove the proteins. Her concern is the possibility if infection. I have to say I have been lucky and avoided that. I did end up with Iritis one time in the one eye but not sure that was an infection.
After going to the eye doctor. I went over to have the labs for the endocrimonologist drawn. I am hoping to get the results on Monday so that the PA calls with the results. If the endo calls she is kind of a downer. Then we came home. I am now working on a fasting evening basal check. I really think that my basals are two high since I have dropped almost 40 points in the first two hours. It should be interesting to see what the PA says to do with the Basals. After the roller coasters of the past few days pounding on wood things seem to be calming down here.
Well I need to go read some more of the book I am currently reading. Take care and have a good night.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dumb moves I have made in the past few days.
Okay the lets see the Stupid things I have done over the past few days are too numerous to mention. I just figured it might get your attention. Yesterday afternoon I decided to change my pump site not really actually the tubing broke right off. So I was forced into puting in a new site, since I could not find any of the extra tubing I have lying around. So I pull off the old site insert the new one. Well somehow this Twit got the tubing underneath the adhesive portion of the inset. I am currently using them and they seem to stay stuck on slimy skin. Okay So we go off to dinner at the local Italain Restaurant. I forgot I need to refuel. So I am already in the 200's and order a diet iced tea. Well the girl brought me a regular Iced tea which i bolused for not realizing how low I was on insulin. Well when we get home I come upstairs and go to diconnect the tubing from the site. I am having one heck of a time. Well low and behold the tubing is underneath the site no wonder it hurt when it went in. Well since i messed up that bit of tubing it was time for siten number 2 of the day. That one actually went off without a hitch and I filled the reservoir and used another set of tubing. My numbers were in the 300 range but gradually dropped down to a nice normal number which was great.
Okay now for adventure number 2. Why do I always wait till the last minute to do things like this. I go to download my pump to take to my endocrimonologist appoinment today. Well of course it never wants to download the pump history. I usually have to remove the cozmanager program and re install it and that works. Well last night I actually started to clean my sty, well room. Of course this is around midnight. I never did find the CD and still have no idea where it is hiding. I am calling cozmo today and asking for a new CD to see if that helps everything. I really love my cozmo pump and love the graphs and stuff from the co pilot software. Please don't tell therasense i am still using it. Well after not finding the CD I decide I will write some of my numbers down. So I go to which has my favorite blood glucose charts. Well Teresa is rebuilding that area of her site WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. I am really having a shitty night here. I think I need to go step in some cow shit maybe roll in it for luck.
Well after not finding the chart I usually use I found one which was okay on It was either that or I would have showed up with no numbers and no bloodwork drawn. My mom was going to take me yesterday for the bloodwork but the weather was horrid and we choose not to go. I had decided I would fast and go before my appointment this morning as they are drawing lipids. Well I woke up at 7 am with a blood sugar a 39. I ended up treating the blood sugar was more important then the labs. The PA at the docs office agreed with me. Basically we looked at my numbers and they seem to be high in the evenings so we upped my basal starting at 8 instead of 10. Now if i start having lows. I'm gonna cuss. I also asked about lowering my basals when dog sitting as the last time I dog sat I had 2 pretty severe lows. I am really not sure why. I need to remember to e-mail stuff to the PA about the Quilt for Life showing in DC and how to put a square in for her son. Actually I got fairly lucky today. The endo's son wasn't feeling well so she left early. Thank God for small favors. The worst thing is the damn steriod shot has really done nothing for the shoulder pain. I can't tell if it is due to the weather. Been very wet here the past week. I'm thinking of builing an ark. Alrighty.
I also need you guys to start keeping me honest. I have found myself to have no tests during the day then tons starting in the evening. I think I end up going downstairs without the finger sticker or strips and because of the foot pain don't want to go upstairs after it. I also have a terrible memory thanks to some fo the meds they had me on for RSD. My mom told me on day now you know how a burned out druggie feels. I said yeah but I never got high in my life. Oh well. I need to remember to call Social Security to see what they are doing.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why I hate doc's who think they know Everything about D....
Okay this will be my first official D related post. On Thursday afternoon I went to an orthopedist about my shoulder. The doc diagnosed the problem as a frozen should and gave me a steriod injection to calm down the swelling. Well once, I knew he was giving me a steriod injection I pulled out my pump to up my basals. Now comes where the doc almost got smacked upside the head. He told me I shouldn't be upping my basals right away that I should just test frequently and treat. Well he doesn't know Wendy the wierd and her experiences with Steriod injections. The first one I ever got while pumping damn near put me into DKA and gave me an ulcer. The next one I took I upped my basals immedietly and had slight highs but nothing like I did the first time. So I so wanted to ask this doc how long have you had type 1? Even if he had responded x number of years. I would have said well fool this is what works for me and what I am going to do for it. I just hate when docs think they need to advise us on everything. My endo and her PA know I'm pretty independant. The PA says yep you will call when you need a refill of glucagon or can't hold anything down for hours on end. Well can't help it I am very onery. Well since having the Steriod injection on thursday my numbers haven't been that bad. I was 199 when we got home from the docs office. I then overbolused for dinner so dropped down to 68 with lots of your screwed insulin on board. I then went up to 176, 241, 139, 182, 138, 126, 133, 208, 231, 186, 116. 178, and 207. I really consider these to be decent numbers considering I have a bunch of steriods on board. All I can say is thank god for Fozzie the pump. I am also done with physical therapy and on a home program so hopefully will get the full range back. I am to call if not better in 3 weeks.
On the animal front, I am sitting in my nice warm heated house worrying about the animals. We are having a major wind and slight snow storm. I am sure the animals will all be fine. I just worry about Georgie and White Night. Who have such great personalities. I love them both SOOO much. I love all the other animals here also. Oh and if anyone wants a phone answering cat contact me. I'm gonna kill ours soon. (ONLY JOKING) She is a crazy orange kitty and makes life here interesting. Mom found a dead mouse in her shoe one morning. I believe the cat deposited it there for later. She loves to hurt the mice and play with them. The crazy dog attacks the vaccuum cleaner. She actually bites at it. Well it did try to vacuum up her toy one day. The poor puppy. All the other farm animals are doing great.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Sister's class's Ass
Okay everyone. Since on my initial blog post I introduced you to my new ass. Well I would now like to introduce you to my sister's class's ass. My sister got a grant for her class and another class to measure various farm animals to see how everything grows. Well they actually recieved money from two different grants so they were able to buy an minature donkey. This donkey's name is Georgie and he is extremely sweet. I actually fell in love with White Night when we went and saw Georgie before he came to our farm. On Sunday Night White Night actually spoke to us and brayed for the first time. Not at all loud and noisy like larger donkeys, but I am biased. If you are wondering how one deals with all these animals it comes with living on a farm. We have a horse, calf, two cows, lots and lots of goats, more on them at another post, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks and lots and lots of rabbits. Opps almost forgot the two animals we have who live in the house, our cat and boss dog. More about all the animals in future posts. If having a bad day it is always fun to go out and watch the baby goats "play". I am also enjoying watching the donkeys play also. They are becoming more accepting of "people" petting them and have started coming to the fence looking for some contact. White Night was initially very shy but now he will allow me to pet him. Georgie has always allowed pets. We have one baby goat who is named Gimpy doo because she was born with bad back legs. I campaigned for her to stay on the farm. Saying jeepers if I was an animal would have been sold at the market twice. Okay well I should get going now. I will post more about myself and the animals of course.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My new Ass:

Ha Ha to all those who thought you were gonna see a new booty. Well this is my first post and adventure into blogging. I would like to introduce you all to my new ass, minature donkey, White Knight I am attaching a picture of White Knight to the beginning of my post. My sister gave him to me for Christmas and my birthday. I just think he is so cute. He comes to me with a story. When he was born he was a good size, but over the course of his first week of life he lost weight. Well come to find out his mother never produced any milk. Okay well I will post more tommorow about the other ass in my life but you will have to wait for that story. I will post more about myself and the adventures with the new ass in future blogging episodes so stay tuned.