Friday, December 01, 2006

Okay, NOW that I have your attention I will post the few reasons I am Angry. First of all on Wednesday night I found out one of my girl scout's sister had been diagnosed with diabetes. This just hurts on many rows. I am angry because I know that being 12 and hit with the son of a bitch of a disease just sucks. Not that it is any better at any other age. I remember the comments made by a classmate that testing blood was discusting. Hiding in the bathroom to give myself shots. I was not open with diabetes to people for many years. In my high school only maybe 2 or 3 people knew I had d. This diagnosis just triggered all that anger. I need to talk to the father and connect him with some of the people I know. I just feel I need to give him sometime and space to handle it.
Next, I am ANGRY that there is no cure to this freakin disease. Jeepers when I was diagnosed 21 years ago. I was told there would be a cure in 10 to 15 year. OKay we are 6 years past that mark. I also am annoyed after reading Cheating Destiny. I find that the JDRF pouring money into the Artificial pancreas project is a total waste of money. I have an internal pain pump, made by the company working on the internal combined insulin pump. After having to have this thing filled 10 time over the past 4 years and having to have it repostioned. I literally told the Radiologist THIS is why I am not a supporter of that project. Our focus needs to be on the cure or prevention. I have always believe prevention is the key to the cure and feel we are so far away from that it make me depressed.
I am also ANGRY with the medical professionals. Heidi over at D log cabin,, was attacked by a doctor IMHO. This was not a Endocrimonologist. This was a freakin General Practice doc. I am sorry the only person who really can give me any heck about numbers is the Endocriminologist and she had better have IDEAS for helping improving them or maybe the gynocologist if I were trying or wanting to get pregnant. I hate the way docs want to blame everything on diabetes. Let me see when I was having an allergy to the oral pain meds making me vomit it was diabetic gastroparesis. When I first went to the pain doc for the RSD it was diabetic neuropathy. Um idiot it is UNIlateral swelling and all I can't handle is touch. Don't ask about the first idiot podiatrist bitch, she actually sent me to the Physical therapist. The PT knew it was RSD from the beginning. Luckily from their went to an idiot orthopedist who actually sent me to the right doc. The accupunture one. She diagnosed the RSD right away and sent me to the pain doc. Let me see other medical professionals to be annoyed at. Funny thing is the one pain doc told me it really is not D related just basically bad luck I ended up with both diseases and that I retriggered it twice. I am so tired of fighting the system. I am annoyed with current pain doc for not changing the meds like he said he was going to. He doubled the concentration of the one med. Has lowered my pain by one freaking point. I just am sick and tired of doctors who are idiots. I have had some awesome ones and some shitty ones.
I am ANGRY with the FDA. I want a freakin NAVIGATOR now. It might actually help me and Heidi lower our A1C's.
FDA get off your sorry little butts and approve this device. I WANT it NOW.
I am ANGRY with DIABETES. Let me see, I wake never know if when i wake up in the morning feeling shitty if it is because I am low. A general rule with me but not a 100%. I have one hell of a time. We can't raise basals or I might not wake up in the morning. It has happened on more then one occasion. I sometimes wake up extremely out of range on the high side. I sometimes wake up low. I might once in a while wake up on the in range side. That is a day to be celebrated majorly. I am tired of poking my fingers each and everyday. Tired of changing my infusion sets and filling reservoirs. I am tired of all the crap it just takes out of me to deal with this disease. I am tired of people tell me it is POSSIBLE to control this disease. Just walk a mile in my sneakers. THAT is bullshit. I have to say I do think the PA and endocriminologists office is great. She is trying but as she says I make no sense. Some of it is I forget to bolus. Memory issues come from a side effect of a medication I no longer take for the RSD.
I am ANGRY with the ADA telling me that I need an a1c under 7.5 to be considered under control. I saw the graphs. The giant jump occurs at 8. If I can keep my numbers under 8 and avoid severe lows I am a happy camper. I am shooting for the lowest I can get but it is annoying. Another annoying thing the ADA does at times is not distinquish between the two types of diabetes. I get lumped in with the fat people. I wasn't fat when I was initially diagnosed.
I am ANGRY with RSD. This disease has taken far more from me then I can list. Let me see, I no longer play softball cause of the pain. I no longer drive because of the meds given to me for this disease. The meds caused memory issues and I would get lost in a paper bag, forget where I am going, forget that red means stop green means go. The wierd thing with the memory issues is it is fleeting. I am tired of people telling me that RSD is not a real disease. I am tired of the pain in my tummy where the pain pump. I am TIRED of constantly being in pain. The fact that I can't sleep because of the RSD adds to that frustration.
I am ANGRY with the 3 pain in the but escaping goats. Anyone have any good goat recipes. I really want to shoot these goats and eat them. The rest of the goats remain in the pen. These 3 get out and try to steal the donkeys food. I am also ANGRY with the Turkey who now thinks attacking the human is a good plan. HE should have been thanksgiving dinner but is too old and tough.
This is just a partial list of things I am angry about. These are the major ones. So two things don't tell me that diabetes can be controled we do our best to MANAGE it. I am also sorry but giving a patient scare tactics to scare them into being a better diabetic is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. IT DOES NOT WORK. My pediatric endo tried threatening my license at 18. Guess what that was the LAST time I ever saw him. The next endo was great but had a horrid office staff. He was never threatening to me. He would just put you could do better and try different methods. Current endo well she can be a pain in the ass, but the PA is the saving grace. The one thing about my Endo and PA are they know I will do things in my own way and they are fine with that. So my one point is the BULLY principal or the COMPLICATIONs principal does not float my boat. It is really a genetic crap shoot. Let me see in the past 3 days, We have had a 17 year old and a woman die of cancer. We have found out two friends have cancer. I have always believed in FATE. That when you number is up your number is up. I also know that AWESOME control does not always mean no COMPLICATIONs. Okay I am done with my rant. Gonna Crawl back under my Rock. I will crawl out to take time to feed the animals whom I love dearly. The cows are the stars of our Christmas card. That wil be my next post. Sorry this one was so long.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A post for D bloggers day
I promised this would be an more upbeat post after my rantings yesterday. I have to say sometimes I am grateful for the people I have met because I have D. Let me see the people whom I have met personally and admire so much. A lot of them are children or parents of D. Some are others with type 1. First I have gotten to meet Ellen and Zach. Ellen is just an inspiration to me. She campaigns for a cure and works hard with the DRI. Zach is another inspiration. He is a great kid who handles d as if it is a bump in the road. I have met Sally and Joey. Sally is such a sweet lady and Joey is just such a nice boy. I actually put a rapid D in Joey. I have to say I think it is harder to insert a set into a young child then anything else. Such a different perspective. I have also met Carol, William, Roderick, and Hal. William is the type 1 in this family. He is so little but handles the D like a troooper. I have had the pleasure of meeting Heidi of D-log cabin fame. She would tell you I never shut up. She is the quietest person I have ever met. I had a ball in DC and at FFL conferance with her. She is such a sweetie. I have met Stacey, Jesse, and Jesse's dad. I forgot the husbands name sorry. Jesse just makes me laugh and Stacey is a fantastic mother. I have met Wendy from NY and Jessica these two inspire me also. These are just the people I have met through CWD. Oh I also forgot. I got to meet Marissa Hitchock and Jeff Hitchcock, the inpiration and creator of I have also gotten to meet Laura Billetdeux and her son Sam. I know there are people I am forgetting in this list, but I count each and everyone of them as a friend. All I can say is thanks for the wonderful site and for giving me the oppurtunity to meet all these other people. I am hoping to meet more of my friends. I swear these are the people I bare my soul to.
I also visit another site it is I have never met the creator of that site or his daughter but they both are fantastic people who built a group that focuses on insulin pumpers. I have met CC from IP, Heidi is also a member of IP, Steve and then there is Ed from Virginia. I know there are others I have met from this site but the names escape me now. I have to say that diabetes has given me some GREAT friendships with people who understand. I never went to a diabetes Camp but consider the CWD conferances to be like a camp. I am saving my money to attend the FFL conferance this year. Okay well that is my post.
I forgot to count my blogging friends and online friends. There are so many. Everyone inspires me and I am not sure I would have ever read D related bogs if I were not Diabetic. So everyone keep you chins up and keep posting.

A post for D bloggers day
I promised this would be an more upbeat post after my rantings yesterday. I have to say sometimes I am grateful for the people I have met because I have D. Let me see the people whom I have met personally and admire so much. A lot of them are children or parents of D. Some are others with type 1. First I have gotten to meet Ellen and Zach. Ellen is just an inspiration to me. She campaigns for a cure and works hard with the DRI. Zach is another inspiration. He is a great kid who handles d as if it is a bump in the road. I have met Sally and Joey. Sally is such a sweet lady and Joey is just such a nice boy. I actually put a rapid D in Joey. I have to say I think it is harder to insert a set into a young child then anything else. Such a different perspective. I have also met Carol, William, Roderick, and Hal. William is the type 1 in this family. He is so little but handles the D like a troooper. I have had the pleasure of meeting Heidi of D-log cabin fame. She would tell you I never shut up. She is the quietest person I have ever met. I had a ball in DC and at FFL conferance with her. She is such a sweetie. I have met Stacey, Jesse, and Jesse's dad. I forgot the husbands name sorry. Jesse just makes me laugh and Stacey is a fantastic mother. I have met Wendy from NY and Jessica these two inspire me also. These are just the people I have met through CWD. Oh I also forgot. I got to meet Marissa Hitchock and Jeff Hitchcock, the inpiration and creator of I have also gotten to meet Laura Billetdeux and her son Sam. I know there are people I am forgetting in this list, but I count each and everyone of them as a friend. All I can say is thanks for the wonderful site and for giving me the oppurtunity to meet all these other people. I am hoping to meet more of my friends. I swear these are the people I bare my soul to.
I also visit another site it is I have never met the creator of that site or his daughter but they both are fantastic people who built a group that focuses on insulin pumpers. I have met CC from IP, Heidi is also a member of IP, Steve and then there is Ed from Virginia. I know there are others I have met from this site but the names escape me now. I have to say that diabetes has given me some GREAT friendships with people who understand. I never went to a diabetes Camp but consider the CWD conferances to be like a camp. I am saving my money to attend the FFL conferance this year. Okay well that is my post.
I forgot to count my blogging friends and online friends. There are so many. Everyone inspires me and I am not sure I would have ever read D related bogs if I were not Diabetic. So everyone keep you chins up and keep posting.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tired and Cranky
I am tired and cranky and in such need of a nap. October was hectic to put it mildly. Just super busy but did have some fantastic times. It is now November and life is getting hectic again. I am just so tired of dealing with the constant pain of the RSD and the comments of people. For those of you who don't know, I have RSD or Reflex sympathetic dystrophy also known as Chronic regional pain syndrome. I am basically in constant pain in my foot. If i try to plant the foot it is EXCRUCIATINGLY painful. The worse thing is the pain has begun to travel up higher and stay in the other areas for a longer period of time. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain. What drives me absolutely nuts are the dumb comments people make. I'm sorry try living for a day in my shoes and tell me how you feel. I am just so frustrated with the crap in my life it isn't funny. To top it all off I need to get a lawyer to help with my SSD appeal. I hate dealing with this crud. Also dreading that I need to go back to pain doctor for a pump refill. Read previous posts and you will understand why I hate that. Of course this next one will be a long visit he wants to try some oral medications on me. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. He keeps trying to tell me that I have Diabetic neuropathy. He seems to overlook the fact that the pain or affected area is only on the one side of the body. Generally neuropathy is bilateral. We also consulted with one of the TOP rsd docs in the country and he confirmed it is RSD. That was back in February, 2002. He actually recommended some treatments for me. I have a big fear of the oral meds. One of the pain meds they had me on really messed up my memory. My mom says it is worse then her's and she is 40 years older then me. This is a hard thing to prove that you are a basic imbecile at times but perfectly normal at others. It really depends on the day of the week. The other thing the RSD has screwed with is sleeping. I don't sleep much at all. We are talking 2 hours of sleep wake up. I do try to stay laying down to get some more but it doesn't work. Well pain doc did offer me something for sleep. He didn't write out the script though. Hopefully next time and the med work. Unfortunately for me most of the meds that would have a 400 lb gorilla sleeping like a baby don't knock me out at all. A resident said looking at the amount of Elavil, anti depressant used for pain management also, I was on she couldn't believe I was a functioning human being. I actually feel that the pain doctor here feels we might not have many or any more options. Basically, I have to learn to function with it.
Right now I am just Angry all the things RSD has taken from me. Let me see the ability to play softball. I used to coach Basketball and soccer. I basically felt after a year of trying it wasn't worth it when you couldn't run and it just triggered more agony. I don't drive anymore because of the memory issues. I swear I am not sure I could find my way out of a paper bag. It took from me a work that I loved. My goal of becoming a PA or NP has also flown out the window with this damn disease. I think it has given me one hell of a case of depression also, so it took away my happiness. I was generally a happy go lucky person before the RSD. Now, I am usually like that but there are times when i just blow up for no reason. Let's see there is other shit that this RSD has taken from me just trying to remember what they are. The one thing I will never allow RSD to steal is my girl scout work. I would love to lead another girl scout troop in a younger level. Well, I need to go lay down and rest my sore back. I think that is another gift of RSD. I also have lost a lot of trust in doctors from dealing with RSD. Some I have felt were excellent have turned to absolute imbeciles. I believe cause of his inablity to handle the RSD. Well, I will be posting tommorow about Diabetes. I promise. I don't think I will be as down about that. If I had to a choice to give up one disease. I think I would pick givin up the RSD.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WE ARE the Champions!!!!! of the AL EAST!!!!!
Well tonight thanks to a Boston Red Sox lost. They Yankees have clinched their 9th. That is 9 American League east Title. It is hard to believe for a fan even through the bad years. The Eric Kerplunk years. That the Yankess have done it again. I now hope we can make it 27 World Series Championships. I am a huge Yankees fan and it is so fun to watch this team. Who can believe this again. With all the injuries the Yankees have been through. Jeepers we lost Matsui and and Sheffield for a period of time. Now they have 10 days to rest and recoup for the post seaon. I so want the Yankees to win the World Series this year. WHY????? Don Mattingly does not have a series ring yet and he so DESERVES ONE. CONGRATULATIONS YANKEES!!!!!
Handing out Crying towels to all the boston fans.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Introducing the 4 piglets...

I forgot to post about the birth of the piglets. They were born on Tuesday September 12th. They already have names. Bacon, Pork chop, Sausage and Ham Steak. They are just so cute and fun to watch it now takes us forever to feed the animals. All the other animals are doing great.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who the Hell does David Ortiz think he is?
Okay, I was reading the sports section of our paper today. They are talking about the race between David Ortiz and Derek Jeter for MVP. Now lets think about a few things here. First off all the Red Sox have virtually eliminated themselves from any chance of a playoff birth. They Yankees need to win or the Red sox need to lose 10 more games for the Yankees to clinch the American League title. Well on Sunday Mr. Ortiz, aka, shithead, is quoted as saying the following. According to the Boston Globe, Ortiz said Sunday, "They're talking about Jeter a lot, right? He's done a great job, he's having a great season, but Jeter is not a 40 homer hitter or an RBI guy. It doesn't matter how much you've donee for your ball club, the bottom line is, the guy who hits 40 home runs and knocks in 100, that's the guy you know helped your team win games." The guy continues on about Jeter. Well sorry but if you team were in a race for the playoff the MVP race would probably be closer. Actually I feel that Mariano Rivera or a closer is as important to the team as a Jeter or even Mr. O. Okay that is my rant against the Red sox and their whinney players. Let's see the Yankees lost Hidecki Matsui and Gary Sheffield, but they still have been able to win games. Of cours Hidecki is returning to the Lineup tonight and Sheffield will be returning soon. Sorry about my rant here, but I hate it when people disrespect the Yankee
Oh on a positive not, the pig had her piglets today. She had four little piglets who are so cute. Hopefully they all survive to adult hood. I will try to take pictures of them on Thursday or Friday.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hi Everyone, Okay, so today was a rather busy day. I had to go help sister put the books back in the one cabinet for the teachers. I also had to attend my uncles viewing. I come home and decide to finally check my e-mail. I am the member of a mailing list. I won't say which one but it is a fairly popular d related one. No issue there. I get the digest version of the e-mails. I sometimes just open and never read the e-mail. I decide to read this digest. Well one of the parents on the list posts about her 2nd child being diagnosed. This just breaks my heart. I don't even know the kid but my heart is breaking for the parent and the child. Then another person about 3 or 4 post later posts how this is not such a big deal. I am sorry, I don't care that is not what you say to a parent at this time. Or am I wrong. Diabetes isn't that big of a deal...well maybe not in you life. But personally I hate this freakin disease and feel bad for any kid that has to deal with it. I have a friend who has a brother who has D also...and she says if he said that to her mother she would have ripped his head off. Okay that's enough of my rant. I just want it to stop raining soon. Oh and we got our new pig yesterday. Sally is due to have her piglets on September 10th. I will post when she delivers. Actually in 2001 our pig had her piglets on September 11th. Okay, well right right now I am just spitting bullets so watch out. I might hit you with one. I think it is a combination of a afew things.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The hole in my finger

Note to self. Do not hold wire cutters in hand and whack at anything. I ended up cutting quite a chunk out of my finger last night. We came in and washed it up which hurt like holy heck. Tryed to decide if I should go to the ER or just stay home. After viewing the pit in the finger decide there is nothing they can do. I ended up going to the GP today for a tetnus shot. God only knows where those wire cutters last were. She told me to call tommorow if it looks infected. It hurts like hell right now.
The past week has been very busy. I have been helping my sister set up her classroom for the start of school. We had to unpack a ton of boxes and encourage her to throw out some stuff. I am heartless. I kept trying to give away the ton of extra clipboard she had. Also got up a couple of bulletin boards for her. She just got in her classroom a week before her open house so it really put her under the gun to get the room in shape. Of course one poor teacher got into her room the DAY before her open house. I felt really bad for her. We have also made multiple trips to Staples and a trip to the teaching store and walmart. I actually got a deal last friday at walmart. I got an HP printer, copier, scanner for $45.00, it was on clearance. My printer is on it's last legs. So I got this one. I have to say it is an awesome machine. On the other bargain front. We went to Shoprite a week ago Saturday. I got 50.oo worth of stuff for .95 cents. They had ran a special buy x number of these items get a coupon for this. We had 47.00 worth of coupons from that. My mother wanted me to just let them go to waste. I'm like heck no. My sister thinks they have a don't comback sign with my picture posted. I told mom I should have tried to get a gift card. Which reminds me need to go to Shoprite tommorow to get some more diet coke.
I also went to the movies today. I got to see Accepted is a funny movie. Not a real thinking movie but enjoyed it. We fed the animals when I got home then went out to dinner with my parents. I am now waiting to see if the super bolus worked. My blood sugar is 262 but I have large ketones. I have another 15 minutes before it is time to check. I am hoping this is just related to the fact that I had a no delivery for a couple hours blocked tubing. I also forgot to sign the pump off the Load screen. I really hate diabetes right now. I need to also sign up for a walk team and get some sneakers to sell down our stand. Okay well I should get going. Have a great labor day weekend.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More pictures of the Red Neck clothesline. ...
Hi Everyone, Long time no posts. It has been a super busy month so far. We have gotten rid of four of the evil goats. The ones who kept escaping on us. We got "shorty" back in the yard and caught the 3 other rogue goats. Vinnie the skunk is growing and getting big. I have a picture of the evil goats up to their naughty pranks I will post it next time.
Other then catching goats August has been a very busy month and so was the end of July. The diabetes has been a royal pain in the ass the past few days. We are talking blood sugars that just didn't want to come down. I was given samples of the cleos by a friend to try and I love them. Trying to think of what else we did in the past month. A ton of crap. Feeding the animals. They are all getting big and the donkeys are getting to be wise asses. Oh we did have the great turkey escape. We were feeding him one night and he fell through the bottom of his pen. All you could see was his one wing and head. I then watched him get his head out. Jumped on the gator and got the heck out of there. The next day we find him sitting next to where we normally feed the horse. You must understand the turkey is a nasty bugger. Well that day we have a goat with its head caught in the fence. I send mom off to feed the horse while i feed the cows. Well the turkey decides to chase mom on the gator. She even tried giving him some cracked corn. I then see mom driving the gator and the turkey chasing behind her. I WISH I had a video camera. I was laughing so hard. She stops quick to pick me and the dog up. I then say mom you have to make him afraid of the gator. So we start pretending we are gonna run him over. We get him to go up and around the chicken coop. We then proceed to finish feeding the animals and rescuing the goat who was trapped in the fence. The next night we find the turkey in the old pig pen. Since he was in there we shut the gate and locked him up. It is a state secret that he can fly. We are not telling the fat bird he could fly out of this coop.
The pictures I posted at the top of this post our of the redneck clothesline. My uncle and his friend W. restore tractors. One day we looked down the barn to see this clothesline up in front of the barn. I told them the next time they just need to add a pair of bloomers to the clothes line to make it really a good picture. I need to get going now. Have a ton of stuff to do and not much time to do it in.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's 2:30 am and why am I up

Hi everyone, It is 2:30 in the morning and my pump is alarming it is out of insulin. I had already filled a new reservoir so this should be a non issue correct. I take out old reservoir and go to screw in new reservoir and the neck of the pump that holds the reservoir down cracks. This is not a minor crack mind you but one heck of a crack. I call the pump company at this time. Nice lady calls me back and says okay we need to send you a new pump. They call the delivery company which calls to tell me what time it would be arriving. So at 12:30 tommorow I will have a new pump in my gruppy paws. I am at 83 right now so am debating just laying down till about 4:30 am and checking then. Oh have I said this it is SO COOL that pump company can get me a pump that soon. If it had been longer I could have called the PA from endo's office who would have met me with a pump but this is quick enough for me. Oh, I think we may have decided on a name for Mr. Skunk. Vinnie dah Skunk seems to be his current name. My father is laughing at us for feeding him so well. Let's see he has had his own hamburger for the past 2 days and tonight had a hot dog. Actually he is starting to recognize us as the people who feed him so that is a good sign. Course my dog ate whatever was left of Vinnie's dog food today so she had 2 meals. She is gonna get majorly fat. Well, I had better lie down and get some rest tommorow is another day. I need to help mom make fruit salad for my brother's picnic and might be watching my grand niece tommorow afternoon. She is 1.5 years old.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A new addition

Well, It has been a long time since I have blogged. Well July has been a busy month for us. We had a birthday party for my one brother. He turned 50. The next night we had fireworks and ate up the left over food from the party for my brother. This worked our really well. We pretty much recupperated after that. We are now the owners of 10 hens. We were given 13 hens, but something ate 3 of them. A friend of ours put tin on the floor and the roof of the chicken coop and for about a week. Well since Sunday our number has stayed constant at 10. Unfortunately we have a rat or something eating the eggs on us. We are going to work on making it so the rat cannot get in the pen.
We also have a new little baby sheep goat. This one is so cute and sweet. I posted her picture here also. I am not 100% sure it is a girl but it does seem so. I forgot to look when I got to hold her. I got to hold it cause it actually came out of the fence the one day. I believe it thought the dog could have been the mommy. She was not. All the other animals are doing great. We have also added a new animal to our menagerie. Drumroll please. If you notice the first picture it is of a Skunk. That is the newest addition on the farm. We have not named him yet, but figured I would take suggestions from here. One friend has already suggested Fluffy. Other names we have thought about are Skunky, Stinky, Pepe, or Flower. All suggestions will be read and I will post back with the name of the skunk. He is just so cute and sweet. I want to be like Elvira and love him and hug him and squeeze him.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gimpy doo daring the other goats to come get her food.
Gimpy doo eating from her pile. Notice not other goats around. She would pace the fence knowing she was the last one fed.
Gimpy in the field.
In Mourning of Gimpy Doo
Hi Everyone. Well, I hate to announce this but my favorite goat Gimpy doo died today. We went out to feed the animals and she was laying in the spot we normally feed her. I do have some pictures of the Gimpy doo. This goat and I are kindered spirits. She never let anything stop her. Actually the only goat that knew its name. If I would call Gimpy she would look for me and walk to the fence. She even knew she got a "special" pile of food. NO ONE none of the goats or cows were allowed to bully my goat from her food. I had a water gun and wasn't afraid to use it. Yes there were times when someone would get to Gimpy's pile but she got a lot of food. I am gonna post 3 pictures of the Gimpy doo. She was actually born with some issue or injured as a young goat. Her hind legs didn't always work well, but it had seemed the last 2 weeks she was walking better. Normally she kept the one leg always off the ground. I remember sometimes seeing her walking almost in a head stand position. I am gonna miss the times I would sit by the fence protecting my baby like a mamma bear. If I needed to feed something else mom took over the post. All the other animals are doing fine. Actually I found it neat, I have two recent pictures of Gimpy cause i was taking a picture of the baby sheep goat. I also have one from awhile ago taken for part of the Congratulations to Daniel Doo. I am sure I told everyone that Gimpy really wasn't supposed to stay on the farm. I protested at the thought of sending her to market. My brother actually listened to my arguments and said she could stay and be moved up with the goats during our busy time. Gimpy doo. My dog who helps us feed the animals would get leashed and in trouble if she were to bite at Gimpy Doo. She would be put on the gator to wait for us. Only goat she really wasn't allowed bite through the fence. She is trying to herd them and make them listen. Just doesn't realize they are eating dinner. The one goat is mean and will stand at the fence and butt her. Actually she got in the pen one day and this goat butted her good. Feb, 2005 to June 11, 2006.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

3 Cheers for Amazon
Hi everyone. Okay just a quick update for everyone. Today was a super busy day. We went to OTB to see the Belmont stakes today. We went and saw the Preakness three weeks ago and two weeks before that went to the Kentucky Derby. We had to be there early to save a table. Well being the cheap person I am I brought my Soduku book and a reading book. I gambled a little and lost some money but still had a goodtime. I also got to pick up a mouse for my computer. The OTB place was so cold though was thankful my parents were coming up later. I told mom to bring me a coat and a sweatshirt. After the race we went out to dinner. I then arrived home and see that my Ipod had arrived. I ordered it through Amazon Wednesday night. It wasn't due to arrive till June 15th, but it arrived in 3 days. How AWESOME is that. Heck I used gift certificates we got with our one credit card those were Ordered on June 2nd. They actually arrived on June 7th. They weren't even supposed to arrive here till June 19th. I just can't believe from ordering the Gift cards to recieving the ipod was a week and 1 day. Maybe I should play the lottery. I need to go start downloading stuff onto my ipod. If you have any suggestions please post a comment.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Well Spring is here I think
Spring has arrived here on the farm. We have had a couple of births and a couple of deaths already this spring. We had a baby goat that didn't make it. We had even tried giving it some milk from the bottle but she never accepted it. We also had two baby sheep goats born. One of which is doing well. We thought she might have not made it the 2nd day but turns out mom was hiding the baby in the woods someplace. Another sheep goat was born, but didn't make it. I am wondering if the cold and wet spell that came when it was very young did it in. Oh then we have had some scheduled departures here on the farm. Oatmeal, my favorite cow, she was like my child. She went to another farm to meet her "husband" and be bred. From this farm she will probably convert to an amish cow and go to pennsylvania to be milked. Oatmeal left on Mother's day. I actually was outside to help load her in the trailer. I believe it made it that much easier to get her in the trailer. Of course one of the nutty goats got on the trailer also. So my brother had to go get the dumb goat out. Goats are so dumb but they can be cute. My one brother did see the bad side of Yuhoo. Her husband will be Oscar the bull. Yuhoo is enjoying the new found ruling of the empire since Oatmeal left. Actually Wind the Horse is still the Queen bee of the farm. Yuhoo runs in terror when Wind is around. Funny thing is Wind actually has never been mean to Yuhoo. I think she told them she came from a Reform farm and was sent away for killing a cow and they believed her. Georgie the donkey is becoming a regular WISE ASS. He is trying to knock me down whenever I go in the pen for their buckets. He is basically becoming a brat donkey. White Knight is a good donkey and tries to put Georgie in his place. The kids came to measure the animals and White knight was fairly calm but Georgie was wild. We did get him measured but he was a challenge. Oh Pork Chops and Applesauce went to the butcher shop to become dinner. We also had a new arrival on the farm, Jack, the billy goat. He is also known as stinky cause he STINKS to high heaven. Gimpy doo my favorite goat is doing great. Actually she paces the fence now waiting for us to dumb the food over for her. She is special and gets her own pile of food. The sheep goats also will come up and complain if we don't dump their pile off food in what they consider a timely fashion. Gotta love the animals. Someone asked why we don't get turkey lurkey a girl friend. It seems it is hard to find a female bird who is of his species. He is actually semi behaving.
Okay, that is the animal updates. Now for the update on me. We went to see the pain doctor in NYC. She did complete the paperwork we needed done. Of course it never made it to the right place. The records from the pain doc out here never made it to her either. I need to find the pain pump refill info and fax it to her. I also am gonna get a copy of the records from out here and send them to her. She is gonna put me in the hospital for the next pain pump fill so we can figure out the correct dose of medicine in this thing. It seems like she is trying to move things along. The diabetes well that has just been the diabetes. It is god's ever changing roller coaster. Well I need to get going now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

5 pokes and a few other things about today

This morning I woke up with a blood sugar of 243. My pump site had fallen out sometime during the night. I don't think it was that early in the night or would have been higher. I put in a new set. The old one looks red and nasty so need to keep an eye on it. I put the new set in my tummy because the legs seem to be reacting to the comforts in a different way. I went as high at 286 but multiple boluses brought me down to 179. Dinner has then kicked me up sky high. We had pancakes and sausage. I am waiting to see if the bolus is working.
Okay today was a very long day. I had to go get the pain pump filled today. Well it took the doc five count them 5 tries to get into the pump. He was so frustrated. Actually the last time he finally got in they didn't use any of the freezy spray which was okay with me. He kept commenting about me going back to the neurosurgeon for a repositioning of the pump. So maybe it is just where this sucker is located. He also upped the medicine again. Told me I was getting up there in dose. I didn't ask him to fill out the paperwork for the one program because of all the stress. I am gonna schedule a regular appointment with him. I may lie and say I need a pain pump upping. I want to explain to him why we are going into NY and ask him if she is willing would he be willing to fill the pump 2 times a year. I also worry about what happens if one of the drugs doesn't work well and we need to go back in for a med change.
Well the animals are all doing great and growing. Georgie the donkey tried to pull down my pants today and I caught the nasty goat trying to hurt my baby gimpie doo. You don't do that in front of Gimpie's protector. She is the one special goat on the farm. We even give her a pile of food to eat herself. She has issues with her back legs, but toughs it out. We actually stay by the pile of food and squirt the goats with a water gun if they try to steal gimpies food. She is gonna be one fat goat. Another great use for the water guns beside goat patrol is to keep the turkey busy. Our turkey is in search of a lady. We can't get any female turkeys so we are stuck with nasty. He attacks us when we go feed him. If I shoot him with the water gun he comes over and tries to get to me. It works. I just wish he would quit flipping his bowl. Well time for me to get going. I need to test again see if I am dropping.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The best day of the year
Well today is opening day for the baseball Season. All I can say is Let's go Yankees. I was born into a family of Yankee fans. Heck I was even a fan when Erik Kerplunk, aka Erik Plunk, pitched for the yankees. The 80's was a really bad decade for the Yankees. I always rooted for them. I grew up a fan of the great Thurman Munson. Not sure what made me like Thurman so much but he was a great player and man. It really is hard to believe last year it was 25 years since he died in a plane crash. My dog was almost named Nealy after Paul O'neal. We named her Penny after the state she came from. Teeny after Tino Martinez might have been a better choice. My brother is really big baseball fan. He was going to name their second child Donald Thurman if i was a boy. It was a girl. It is now time to watch the Yankees start the Season. Let's go Yankees.
Also for all you Red Sox fan's your team broke my heart in 1986. A YANKEE fan routing for the enemy and what does Billy buchner do but let the damn ball go through his legs. I hate the MET's more then the Red Sox especially in 1986 with their cocky attitude.
As far as the diabetes is going it is doing pretty good. Today I have had decent numbers. I actually changed a basal rate and am hoping it helps prevent the lows in the morning. Another special treat today I got to pet Jesus of Jesus and lasurus.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hopefully headed in the right direction
Well I finally broke down and e-mailed the pain center I used to go with to schedule an appointment with one of their pain doctors there. The cost since I know they do not accept my insurance is astronomical, but hopefully worth it. She actually works under a doc I was seeing before who was great doc. He switched his focus to more pallative care. The lady on the phone was really nice. She feels that the doc she gave me should be a good match for me. The one lady we were trying to get in with is leaving in June and only handles cancer patients. The other good thing is the appointment is less then a month away. I am hoping that she will have some ideas on how to manage this foot pain and will be willing to do the paperwork for me. I am really frustrated at the one doctors office for not doing the damn paperwork. Also I feel that neither doc is paying any attention to me or anything like that.
Okay well the animals now all have clean coops. One of the farm workers shoveled all the shit out of the pens and put new straw in each coop. The animals are so happy. I can now walk in the pen and not feel like I need hip waders. We do need to fix the entrance to the donkey pen as it has a big ditch but oh well. I spent some time visiting with the donkeys today. The baby goats are growing and being as devilish as ever. They love to climb on rocks and play king of the rock. Well I will updated you all later.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

One more picture for everyone.One more picture for you all. This is blackie and whitie taking a nap after a hard day of play on the farm. I hope you enjoy them. Georgie and White knight are doing great. They just need to stop moving their pail. The naughty donkeys.
Okay Everyone,
I promised you pictures of the baby goats. Well here they are. The first one here. They are blackie and whitie right now. They don't have real names yet. They were born on March 18th. They seem very cute and big. Had us worried today since they were hiding. Even their mother didn't know where they were. Need to teach these babies better manners. They must have been hiding under the one metal thing we had. After looking for a 1/2 an hour for them. We had finally given up. Well we notice the mother running up towards the top gate. Then we see the black one running to her followed by whitie.
The next picture is of Jesus and Lazurus. They were born on March 11th. They are very cute and growing everyday. They just need to learn to keep up with their mommy. Everyday she has to come back to the tree because the little black goat is still waiting for her. The white one follows mommy everywhere. I worry about the cows stepping on them.
This picture was taken of Jesus and Lasuruzus on March 17th. The are both sleeping by their barn in the sun. Oh the life of a baby goat on the farm.
The final picture in the series is of blackie. Their mother is in the backround. You can also see whitie's legs in the picture. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the babies.

Just to let you all Know. I was out trying to fix the fence between the pig pen and the animal pen. Well the Yuhoo the cow almost attacked me. Luckily I was next to the fence. I really think she terrified mom. I was laughing Crazy brown cow.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A very long two weeks
Well it has been a long time since I last blogged. Lot's has gone on in my world some of it nuttier then others. I went and got my pain pump filled. The procedure goes like this you lay on a table. The doc then cleans the tummy with a lot of stuff. Then with the x ray machine they try to find where the pump port is not an easy thing with me. Well this time was no different and probably even worse since it was alarming and he couldn't pull back any medicine to make sure he was in. The nurse does spray some freezy stuff on before he puts the needle in. Of course the doc tells me he HATES to fill my pain pump. SO now am on the market for a new pain pump doc and a pain doc in general. These two just ain't cutting it. I HATE doctor shopping.
After getting the pump filled. I came home and helped mom feed the animals. I then ate some dinner. Well dinner didn't stay down long. I ended up throwing it all back up. Luckily I had a bucket in my room. I felt cruddy and week for the next two days.
Then computer started acting up. It was running so super slow. Jeepers wasn't funny. I finally gave up. It actually needed defraging. It seems to be working a little better now.
Well last weekend we had a birth here on the farm. On Saturday we found out one of the nanny goats had a baby. Actually later found out she had twins, just not sure if she hadn't delivered the second one yet or what was up there. We found the twins on Sunday. So two new baby goats were born. The brown cow. Yuhoo was in the barn with the baby and the black and White cow, oats was sticking her head in. She mooed to announce the birth to all the other animals. Then on Monday we went to show a friend who was working on our house the baby goats. We couldn't find them anyplace. I looked both inside and outside. No Babies. Then i look in Oat's side of the barn. Unfortunately find two dead baby goats there. We assume they are the two babies born on Saturday. Well later on I go to look in the barn and the two baby goats are there. They are now named Jesus and Lazurus. Since they rose from the dead. We now have found where the nanny who we knew had goat either had lost them or they got hurt by the cow. A friend's father is calling the two babies the Holy goats. I will post pictures after the weekend. I am going to Philadelphia for a conferance.
Also brother closed the cows barn door and put a board up so the other cow can't get in the goats barn to protect the babies. There is another barn for the big animals. Funny thing is Yesterday afternoon the the holy goats were outside the barn and the cows came down and were nudging them with their noses. Telling them it isn't safe out here you need to go in the barn. I think the cows are gentle and try not to hurt the babies but their size does put them at risk. Well I am gonna sign off for now. Need to pack everything up.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Celebration in the Works
Well, We now have plans for Easter Sunday. You may thing oh big deal. Well this year my parents will be celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Yep 60 years. 10 years ago they renewed their wedding vows and we had a party a week after easter. Wait maybe it was 2 weeks. Now we need to decide what to give them. I think a family picture would be a good idea, but one sister, will not be here. I figure why not wait and have everyone get together for a picture not on Easter sunday. Well I will post when they decide. They really don't want to go anyplace. We have a big picture of the whole family in our living room. We have one of all the kid's and parents taken many moons ago. I think both could be replaced with updated versions. I will keep you posted.

Friday, February 24, 2006

A Whine and Cheese Party
Okay, I got the phone call I was waiting for and also dreading today. I have to go on Tuesday to get the pain pump filled. Getting this thing filled is such a pain in the ass. It really makes me doubt the viability of the implanted insulin pump. The same company who is working on that is manufacturer of my pain pump. I have had more issues with this pump. The alarm in now sounding so that makes it even more interesting. The doc wants to make sure he is in the pump. Their claim is that because I have gained so much weight. Actually, I haven't gained a pound in the last 6 or so months. So kiss my butt. So I am definitely not looking forward to Tuesday.
To add insult to injury we need to go down to the hospital on Monday to drop off the CGMS. It has been an experience wearing this and I hope that it gives us good information. I am keeping this in till it either stops recieving a signal or falls out. The PA asked if I was worried about site issue. I told her I would not tell her how long I generally keep my pump sites in cause she would yell at me. I am terrible about changing pump sites and I keep them in as long as I can. I know it is a bad habit but oh well.
The animals are all doing great. Wind was obnoxious today. She was mad at us cause we left to go feed the other animals and didn't stay to protect her from the goats. Well you are at least 100 lbs more then the goat bite them if they get in your bucket. She went over and chased Oats away from her bucket of food. This caused Oats to go steal Yuhoo's bucket of food. We tried to restore order, but Wind refused to return to her bucket. After five minutes of freezing in the wind. I said skip it. She is being a brat. We just dumbed her food on the ground and walked away. Don't worry she ate the sheep food. My mom tends to spoil Wind. I love her dearly but think she needs to listen to us and keep her in her spot. The donkeys are doing Great. White Knight has been talking to us, but the other day Georgie bit me. He is now on a reform program. Any time he shows teeth or tries to bite I smack his nose. We have tried niceness just wasn't working. Well, I will update you all about my adventure on Tuesday if I survive. I wonder if they will change the med this time??????

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Problems, Problems and more problems
Last time I posted. I was waiting for the last of the cookie orders to print out so I could double check my order. I thought I was almost done. Well, I had found out two troops where not put in the system. I put in these orders and also go back to the 4 or 5 troops that ordered gift of caring cookies. What a pain in the ass. Sorry georgie and white night. Around 4 am or so, I finally get all 0 is in the columns which means no extra boxes all full cases. PHEW!!!. I send the order to the council. The poor lady from council has 21 Service units to put into the computer cause only 10 used the program. That just sucks. She is such an nice lady. I then go to try to find these lovely sheets that need to be filled out for each troop for a contest our council was having. I can't find them anywhere I look. I finally do find them but then I had misplaced all the troops order sheets. I finally found everything and layed down for a little bit. I might have gotten an hour of sleep maybe less.
We get up and go to mom's regular doctor appointment. He has an intern working with him. I end up getting the giggles because this guy was totally clueless. He had no idea that coumadin and warfarin were the same medicine. I was just laughing so hard. We then go to the dentist. Mom got a real deal on her lower teeth. They say she really doesn't need a new upper plate. Even though she had gotten the Sr. discount and some other discount off her initial plate. They gave her the full dollar amount off. The dentist was very appologetic and nice. Really DO NOT blame them but BLAME the damn delivery company. Get the stuff to the right office and this shit might not have happened.
After all this we go to Staples and the grocery store for Bannanas. Then we head for the hairdresser's. I was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut. I looked like the shaggy DA. Luckily we didn't have to wait long at all for the haircut. Then after all this stuff we take the order forms to the girl scout office. I finish doing the lovely forms and hand in our order. Thank goodness for small favors. I go out to the car to order the pizza on my cellphone. The Pizza hut picks up and the battery dies.
We decide to drive over to the Pizza hut and place the order. Of course they no longer sell the dippin strips pizza. We get the new stuffed crust pizza and some cinnamon bread sticks. We get home around 3 or so. Eat the pizza and some cinnamon breadsticks. We then go out to feed the animals. Mom ends up feeding dad the left over pizza for dinner.
Now we are to Thursday another fun day. I go to endo's office and get attached to the CGMS. After that we leave and head for the Walmart. We decide to get some lunch from McDonald's to really see what my sugars do. We have McDonald's then go off and do our shopping. On the way home from walmart we stop at the Hardware store to see if we can get a radiator valve. My heater has bad valve on it mom thinks. It will stop working at times. Unfortunately they are out but will order them in for us. We then go ask sister to go to Friendly's for dinner. Dad isn't gonna be home so we are taking advantage of this and really testing the monitor. Have I mentioned I LOVE their Honey BBQ chicken and besides which I have the CGMS so we need to see the evilness of foods. We then go out and feed the animals. Need to get a few bales of hay since we are out of hay. I load the bales of hay on the gator and check the CGMS. It says DISCONN....OH SHIT. I hit the buttons and test sugar to recalibrate. Go up to feed the animals. Get two or three more DISCONN messages. I don't think this is a good sign. We come in the house and I call the PA from Endo's office. She calls back and says to call minimed about it. I call them. They have me go through a couple of steps and say it is a non fixable problem Either, site or wire problem. So not working. I remove the sensor and find it to be BENT. I will take a picture of it and post it here. So much for experimentation. Oh I did find i was 62 during one of the alarms but was out feeding the animals. Temp basal of 0 for a 1/2 an hour worked on that. Well I force myself to eat the friendly's dinner and ice cream. I get another call from the PA and tell her that it is a failure. She says okay come in on Tuesday and we will reconnect you. I am bringing Mastisol this time.
Now we are to Friday. Friday was pretty much a okay day. No major disaster's to speak of. Well a few nasty sugars and stuff but oh well. Isn't that diabetes. Friday evening get an e-mail from the PA. They need to charge me for the sensor since my insurance won't cover it. I call mom and ask if she will pay the money for the sensor an she says yes. PHEW. Thank you Mom!!!!!!!
Onto Saturday. A very interesting day to say the least D wise. I ended up in the 200's and then a lovely 314. Pump says to bolus for the 314 so I agree. Well about 45 minutes after the bolus I start to feel like shit. I test I am now 134. Okay that is quite a drop. I retest just cause not sure if that number is right or not. I get 125. I have over 5 units of YOU ARE SCREWED Insulin waiting to pounce on me. I eat about 8 glucose tabs and wait till it alarms telling me to test. An hour after the 314 and 8 glucose tabs later am 118. This really sucks.. HAVE I SAID I HATE DIABETES and all this SHIT lately. I am considering throwing something, but with my luck would break some priceless item I love. Oh and to top all this off it is damn cold here this weekend. Isn't so bad without the wind but riding on the gator was just bitter. Well I am gonna go on a hunt for some food.
Ellen asked how many cookies our communitiy is getting. We are getting a grand total of 14,808 boxes of cookies. That is equal to 1234 cases. If I were to eat that many cookies would be a bazillion pounds and need one hell of a lot of insulin. I was also asked why I didn't sell to any online friends. That is unfortunatley against Girl Scout policy. We are not allowed to ask people online if they want cookies. I am not looking forward to March 14. We need to sort all these cookies and get them to their appropriate troops. I ordered 30 boxes for my niece to sell luckily. A good friend who always orders called on Wednesday night to order 10 boxes of cookies. We have another good friend who will take a bunch also. I just order a wide variety and let him come make his choice. Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The last few days...

Okay, I am sitting here waiting for the last of the cookie orders to print out. Jeepers I need a faster printer here. I'm gonna be old before they print out. We need to take the sheets to the council office tommmorow. I also need to submit my order on the Ebudde system. This program is okay. Lot's of room for improvement. Hopefully they give out Survey's and we will be able to recommend things to them. Tommorow is a busy day.
Mom needs to go to the regular doc and then the doctor to get the impressions for her new teeth taken. I believe I updated you on the fact that they have LOST her teeth. I am also planning on getting my hair cut tommorow. Then we will take the forms down to the girl scout office. We need to feed the animals also. The next day it looks like I will be attached to the CGMS for 3 days. Joy Joy. Oh I think I have figured out what to do for my quilt square. I am going to get a picture of the two donkeys. It will say Georgie and White Knight say Kick Type 1 diabetes in the picture of the donkey here. I might also get a picture of me and the dog on the gator and have the saying. Penny and Wendy say...Drive type 1 diabetes to extinction. Tell me if you like the combination or one of these idea. I figure I can put the diagnosis date and stuff on the quilt someplace also.
The diabetes has been kind of odd of late. I seem to be on a danged roller coaster. Either Hi or Low. Now, I enjoy roller coasters but not the D type. With the animals we have one escaped bunny. Actually two got out on Friday night, we caught the one, but the other is being a devil of a bunny. Poor dog is totally confused. I yelled at her not to chase the bunny. Then I come in and get her to chase the bunny out from under our pool deck. She did a good job. Penny got to ride in a big tractor on Friday. We were out feeding the animals and one of the works brought a new bale of hay. Instead of trying to open the fence and keep an eye on the dog. I put her up in the tractor with the worker. She really thinks I am an evil mom for that. Saturday into Sunday we got quite a bit of snow, but not too much. My brother used the tractor to make a path for us to get to the animals.
The Girl Scout papers are finally done printing out. Now I can double check my awards order for each troop and then submit everything on the computer. I am so glad all this crud is done. Really isn't that bad. We have 94 boxes of cookies to donate to the wounded soilders thanks to the gift of caring program. We are also shipping some of the cookies over to soilder's serving. If you know a soilder who is serving who would like some girl scout cookie feel free to e-mail me. I will contact you for the information. Not much more to comment or post about. I can't wait for Pizza hut tommorow for a late lunch. That is our tradition. We get a dippin strips pizza from pizza hut for lunch. Well I had better get going and finish all shit girl scout stuff.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In response to the latest tag. Spraying with anti tag spray now.
Four Websites I visit Daily

4. don't have a 4th one i check regularly

Four Places I've beeon on vacation

1. Walt Disney World
2. St. Croix
3. Washington DC
4. North Carolina

Four TV Shows I like to watch
1. St Elsewhere, even though it isn't on TV anymore.
2. Strong Medicine
3. Law and Order SVU
4. Seventh Heaven

Four Movies I can watch over and over again
1. It's A Wonderful Life
2. A Christmas Story
3. The Incredibles
4. Shrek

Four Jobs I have had
1. Animal feeder
2. Cashier
3. Home health aide
4. Camp counselor
I now Tag Heidi.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A very busy day
Okay today was an extremely busy day. First of all, I got up early to go out and put straw in the animal pens and take care of the donkeys. The kids were coming to measure the animals today. Of course I woke up low unfortunately. I ate a bowl of oatmeal and forgot to bolus for it. DOOH!!!!! Well as we were getting dressed to go out and take care of the animals our cleaning lady came in the house. No problem, but then we got to chatting so started out a 1/2 an hour later then really wanted to. We go out to the animals. I feed the donkeys some grain and then we go down the barn to get some straw. These are small bales of straw so it takes a lot. Well we are getting to the "bottom" of the box so reaching these bales wasn't easy. We get the first load of straw and take it up. We decide to bed the goats pen first. I then remember I need to take an allergy pill. It seems I have an allergy to straw and hay. UGH!!!! I go in the house and can only find an alavert pill. I take one and go out of the house. We put the straw all around and in the goats barn. They were all good and remained outside. Of course the fools are eating the straw and not the hay we had put in. After we finished with the goats pen, it is 11:30. We need to catch the goats for the kids to measure and also need more straw. We go down the barn after another load of straw for the coops. I then decided to get the calf and the donkeys out of their pens figuring it will make it easier to spread the straw. Well Oscar the calf was raising heck. What a pain in the butt he was. We tied him to the fence. Of course he has terrified the poor donkeys. I then decide to take the donkeys out and hook them to the fence. They are onery fools. They don't want to walk so it is more like a drag. Well by the time we had gotten those three animals out of the pens. It was time to catch the baby goat. I dumb some food near a corner. Then go in the pen while they were eating food. I grab the first goat and hand it off to mom. We then hook that goat on a leash. I then go and catch the other goat. Usually this is an ordeal but today it wasn't. I give her to mom and put her on a leash. The problem is this turkey goes through the fence back in the pen. I end up holding the goat in my arms as i exit the pen. Well in the meantime mom drops the other goats leash. Well we finally were able to catch that goat. After she dumped the pail of cow food.
Okay so then we decide to sit at the picnic table and wait for the kids to arrive. All the animals were measured. We left the calf and the donkeys hooked to the fence till the kids left. I also took them up to the other pasture to see the baby lambs. They are sooooooo cute. I need to get some pictures of them. We then put the straw in the calfs and donkey pen. After doing all this I am starting to get a very sore throat. I am reacting to the straw and stuff. We come in the house and I take 3 benadryl and eat another bowl of oatmeal. Blood sugar after all the wrestling is 3 something. I take a short nap and then we go out to feed the rest of the animals. I feel like a 300 year old lady. After feeding the animals we come in and have cake for my father's birthday. I am exhausted. The animals were very good for their measurments. The donkeys got a little fiesty but they were good. The calf was only a devil when going in or out of his pen. Well I need to get going now. Will update you soon.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Congratulations Daniel Doo
The chickens are clucking

Oats and Yuhoo are mooing....

Pork Chops and Applesauce are Oinking!!!!!!!

All to congratulate you Daniel Doo on 1 year of dealing with D.
Oscar the Bull says that ain't no Bullsh..
Congratulations Daniel and Vivian and your entire family from all the farm animals and Wendy and Penny. Sorry this was late.

I hate people who don't call back
Okay I've not posted in awhile. Just had a very busy weekend. Well actually more just fighting the darn foot then anything. I would give my kingdom for a week without rain here. I'm pretty sure the animals would love a week without rain, but it doens't seem that it gonna happen anytime soon. On Monday or Tuesday last week I finally got up the nerve to call and check the status of a claim. So the lady gives me another number to call. She is rather upset no one has spoken to me in about 6 months either. I call the number I am given and have been immediately connected to voice mail 3 times. I leave a polite message. I of course never get a gosh darn call back from this lady. I am debating calling the first lady again and saying I need another number to call since this is like peeing up a hill. My mom says maybe she is on vacation. I figure okay I will give her till Monday to call back. Also going to call again on Monday. This is just like trying to schedule an appointment with the NY pain doctor. It honestly takes 3 or 4 calls to get the woman to call you back. Luckily the doctor is awesome and I got in before he quit taking new patients. Thank you Spot. Which reminds me I need to call and schedule with one of his other doctors since I feel the guys out here in the sticks are not cutting it. Even the PA from endo's office says...."I thought they were changing the med last time." To my insert large eye roll here "Nope they didn't again."
On the D front things are going pretty good. I actually am asking to change one basal. I know I should just change it myself. I actually know the PA will get back to me. She e-mailed me all the lab results. My a1c was 8, but I had already informed them it was going to be up there. She also e-mailed me once again asking about symlin. I told her with the lows I was having are you nuts. She knows I tend to speak my mind rather openly and they symlin fight is gonna be a fight with me going down kicking and screaming.
On Friday the animals were visited by my grand niece and nephew. The little boy is a fan of Shrek 2 and loves the donkey. The next day their cousin's came down to visit the animals. Wednesday is "measuring" day for the all the animals. My sister's class and the other class are coming to measure everybody. I need to get a Halter on Georgie the donkey who figured out how to remove his halter a couple of weeks ago. I also need to go get them used to being on the lead a little bit. The only animal who worries me during the measuring process is Oscar the calf, but as long as we have food in his bucket he is a happy cow. They all don't come from California. The real challange is getting him to cooperate when trying to take him out of the pen. We have finally named the two remaining piglets. I used to call them piggets. Now they are...drum roll please. Pork Chop and Applesauce. Wait I will post a picture of them on the end of the blog. Well it will be them with there 7 brothers. Momma pig had 7 boy pigs and 2 girls. Actually she had 11 but two didn't make it past two days. Normally we are lucky if we keep 5 pigs because the momma ends up stepping on them. Last year I think we only kept 3 pigs. I do not remember how many we started out originally with but we were also dealing with a "pig napper". A foolish person who thought any pig who might look sick needed to be taken from its mother and bottle fed. The one pig only had lost the end of its tail and was fine. I was SO ANNOYED. Actually I told mom if another pig ends up missing I'm putting a sign up there that says wanted Pig Napper...dead or alive. Either that or should have put up missing posters. Piglets remain with their mother and most will do fine. Not easy raising a piglet by a bottle. I have been there done that. Quite a few years ago, Mom and I raised Wilburina, was Wilber, sister claimed that it's umbilical cord was it's penis. I tried to tell them fools that's it's umbilical cord, but I let them win. Lucky for that sister's girl the doctor told her which sex the kid was or who knows. Wilburina was stepped on and some concerned people who work here took her away from the momma pig. We got lucking with Wilburina got a book on raising pigs and made her milk up. She did get sick one day and I though we were gonna loose her. I came home in the middle of my work day and gave her a shot of penicillian. She perked up after that. I still remember he playing on the porch with my jack russel terrier. We ended up having to send her to market and not getting much money for her mom says. I just enjoy the memories of Wilburina. Opps sorry for rambling on about the animals.
On Saturday, I went with my sister and niece and nephew out to dinner, barnes and noble, and Walmart. The dinner part of this trip was interesting. We ended up going to IHOP after finding the wait at Cracker Barrel to be 40 minutes. We go in IHOP and get a table within 5 minutes. Well we wait and wait and wait. Waiters and waitresses just keep walking by our table. No one say's I'll be with you in a minute. Finally after awhile of no one seeming to realize we were there. We must have been such small people we were invisible. Yeah right. I am far from little here. Sister finally goes up to the hostess and say do we have a waiter or waitress. Well the one poor guy was dealing with this horrible table. I truely believe all they did was complain. This is our poor waiter. He was not the best waiter on the block but also not the worst waiter. I think the stress of dealing with the "nasties" who ended up not paying for any of their meals and they were a big group had stressed this guy to the max. After IHOP, we went on to the other stores and got our stuff. I really enjoy Barnes and Noble.
Sunday was a fairly boring day for me. I went with my girl scout troop to an exercise place so they could earn a patch. They seemed to have a good time. The one thing that killed them all was the spinning class. Two came up after water and they looked like little old ladies. One of the girls won some protein cookies. Oh the descriptions of those on the ride home. If you want to hear interesting conversations sit 4 teenage girls in the back of a minivan. Actually we have heard these conversations for almost 9 years now. Usually we get a few laughs in the process also. Oh also on Sunday night I watched Dateline. They were doing the case of Cheryl Botzet. I really had felt the mom was neglectful in the case and that she should be charged with something. I DO not feel it was first degree murder at all. I'm not sure what the definition of 2nd degree murder is but not sure if it was that either. The best charge is whatever they charge the Drunk Driver with when he kills someone. Well at the end of the interview one of the Dateline people asks do you feel you are at all responsible for Ariel's death. This woman has the guts to say NO she doesn't feel she is responsible at all. I almost threw something at the TV. That really upset me. The father's comments and actions were not great. Sorry your kid does not get a 15.1 a1c and only tests 2 times in one week without a parent dropping the ball. Also if the kid was sick the mother should have been testing her blood sugars. Just proves to you you need a license to drive but not one to be a parent. I was so peeved I went downstairs and said to my mom. Any of the parents I chat with online or even am on an e-mailing list would have never answered that question that way. I said heck if their kid had a low blood sugar and ran out in the road and got hit by a car. 99% of these parents would have said they were in someway responsible. That is my rant on that case. I actually remember this from Dog the bounty Hunter...a "kid" that lies is a better liar then any adult. If I had a kid with D and he/she were checking his sugars on his own I would be checking the meter at least once a day or every other day. One thing I never did when I was a teen was skip insulin. How dumb is this. I would NEVER and I mean NEVER test my blood sugar, but I always took insulin at least once a day. My pediatric endo tried everything. He would probably die to know how much I actually test now.
Okay now it is time for me to get going. I have a new book to read and of cours now since it is really late at night the blood sugar is going Up. I wonder if I have said how much I HATE Diabetes lateley. Oh and Daniel watch the blog tommorow. My cows are going to make a little post for you.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Missing teeth Story
Okay sit right back an you will hear a tale..... opps wait this isn't Gilligan's Island. I will start this story at the beginning. My mom went about two weeks ago to have her four remaining teeth removed. Prior to Christmas we had gone to the dentist so he could take impressions to and fix her partial plate so that she would have a temporary denture. Well mom has her teeth pulled and is doing fine. Today we go to the dentist to get her temporary denture. They take her back. The lady says "You are here for impressions. Did you bring your partial with you?" I happen to be sitting in the waiting room. Mom says "No, You have my partial you were adding teeth to it to make it a full plate." So I am guessing here they take mom back to the room and low and behold they cannot find her teeth anyplace. I hear the one lady call the place who must fix the teeth and they say it was signed for by "so and so". Well the person who signed for the teeth was fired from the Oral Surgeons office. Mom's dentist goes over two times to the Oral surgeons office to see if he can find the teeth. He even checks the chart to see if they tried the teeth on during the removal. Nope. Well Mom's Oral Surgeon is on vacation in Hawaii. The dentist was going to call her. Mom says don't bother her. I can wait. As we are leaving I say that some dog or criminal took the teeth. The receptionist says Dr. T's, Oral Surgeon's dog. Everytime mom has gone to the oral surgeon, the boss, dog, had been there. We both laugh. I said well if the CSI's show up at our house trying to arrest us for finding her teeth marks in someone. You will have to be one of her witnesses. We are giggling the whole ride home about the missing teeth. Mom then tells me how dad lost his teeth while sleeping one night. They couldn't find them in the bed and low and behold find the dog in the hall chewing them. YUCK!!!! I think the dog was trying to get new teeth since she was a nasty old hag. So if you find any teeth please let me know. Mom could use them now.
On a diabetes note, after the basal test last night. We backed my basal up by .2 to see if that helps matters. The animals are as looney as every. We have goats who want to be part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They think they are singing but they cry all the time. The horse is getting more patient while we put the other animals food buckets down and feed her. The momma pig has gotten mean to the piglets. She wouldn't let them eat any of the food yesterday. I told her you are looking like bacon, pork chops, Ham hocks, Ham Steak, sausage, and any other pork items I could name. The two asses are growing and behaving. Due to the rain and mud we have here white knight now looks like black night. Georgie is also very muddy but he is gray. The two cows are being as feisty and bratty as ever. Oatmeal thinks she was willed the barn when her momma died. Yuhoo is terrified of the horse. The goats well can be just BRATTY. If they would just eat their own food and not try to steal from everyone elses. My favorite midsize goat Gimpy doo is doing great. She knows she is the only goat allowed to eat by Yuhoo. That is by order of ME. I just need to call her over if she happens to go with the other goats. Well at least today it isn't raining or snowing. It is colder then cold though. Well I will update you on the teeth and the animals and everything in my world soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Trip to the eye doctor
Okay I went to the retinologist today for a 4 month eye check. I am actually very impressed with her but not necesarilly with her understanding of type 1 D. One of the questions was do you check your blood sugar regularly. I kind of got the impression they figure I might check once a day. UGGHHH!!!!! So she checks my eyes actually even did another check I have never had before. She looked at the area between the Iris and something else. I was rather impressed. They then dilated my eyes. I believe I shocked them because I was able to read my book and it really never got blurry. Now after leaving the office the eyes were super blurry. She then looked at my eyes and said they look the same. This actually has her baffled. I tried to explain to her I am a wierd one medically. She is now having me come back in 4 months to do a test with a dye and take pictures just to make sure everything is A Okay. I believe if I pass that test in 4 months I might be clear for yearly or every 6 month eye checks again. I have to say I am also impressed with my endocrimonologist. She called the doctor because of her mentioning that my eyes seeming to get better could be the "calm before the storm". She wasn't sure what exactly the eye doctor meant. The eye doc also encouraged me to change from the 30 day contacts to the daily wear ones because of the eyes not being able to breathe. I need to check out the price of the single day ones. I have lots of issues with the cleaning solutions and contact lenses. She also told me to take them out and wash them in saline solution to remove the proteins. Her concern is the possibility if infection. I have to say I have been lucky and avoided that. I did end up with Iritis one time in the one eye but not sure that was an infection.
After going to the eye doctor. I went over to have the labs for the endocrimonologist drawn. I am hoping to get the results on Monday so that the PA calls with the results. If the endo calls she is kind of a downer. Then we came home. I am now working on a fasting evening basal check. I really think that my basals are two high since I have dropped almost 40 points in the first two hours. It should be interesting to see what the PA says to do with the Basals. After the roller coasters of the past few days pounding on wood things seem to be calming down here.
Well I need to go read some more of the book I am currently reading. Take care and have a good night.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dumb moves I have made in the past few days.
Okay the lets see the Stupid things I have done over the past few days are too numerous to mention. I just figured it might get your attention. Yesterday afternoon I decided to change my pump site not really actually the tubing broke right off. So I was forced into puting in a new site, since I could not find any of the extra tubing I have lying around. So I pull off the old site insert the new one. Well somehow this Twit got the tubing underneath the adhesive portion of the inset. I am currently using them and they seem to stay stuck on slimy skin. Okay So we go off to dinner at the local Italain Restaurant. I forgot I need to refuel. So I am already in the 200's and order a diet iced tea. Well the girl brought me a regular Iced tea which i bolused for not realizing how low I was on insulin. Well when we get home I come upstairs and go to diconnect the tubing from the site. I am having one heck of a time. Well low and behold the tubing is underneath the site no wonder it hurt when it went in. Well since i messed up that bit of tubing it was time for siten number 2 of the day. That one actually went off without a hitch and I filled the reservoir and used another set of tubing. My numbers were in the 300 range but gradually dropped down to a nice normal number which was great.
Okay now for adventure number 2. Why do I always wait till the last minute to do things like this. I go to download my pump to take to my endocrimonologist appoinment today. Well of course it never wants to download the pump history. I usually have to remove the cozmanager program and re install it and that works. Well last night I actually started to clean my sty, well room. Of course this is around midnight. I never did find the CD and still have no idea where it is hiding. I am calling cozmo today and asking for a new CD to see if that helps everything. I really love my cozmo pump and love the graphs and stuff from the co pilot software. Please don't tell therasense i am still using it. Well after not finding the CD I decide I will write some of my numbers down. So I go to which has my favorite blood glucose charts. Well Teresa is rebuilding that area of her site WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. I am really having a shitty night here. I think I need to go step in some cow shit maybe roll in it for luck.
Well after not finding the chart I usually use I found one which was okay on It was either that or I would have showed up with no numbers and no bloodwork drawn. My mom was going to take me yesterday for the bloodwork but the weather was horrid and we choose not to go. I had decided I would fast and go before my appointment this morning as they are drawing lipids. Well I woke up at 7 am with a blood sugar a 39. I ended up treating the blood sugar was more important then the labs. The PA at the docs office agreed with me. Basically we looked at my numbers and they seem to be high in the evenings so we upped my basal starting at 8 instead of 10. Now if i start having lows. I'm gonna cuss. I also asked about lowering my basals when dog sitting as the last time I dog sat I had 2 pretty severe lows. I am really not sure why. I need to remember to e-mail stuff to the PA about the Quilt for Life showing in DC and how to put a square in for her son. Actually I got fairly lucky today. The endo's son wasn't feeling well so she left early. Thank God for small favors. The worst thing is the damn steriod shot has really done nothing for the shoulder pain. I can't tell if it is due to the weather. Been very wet here the past week. I'm thinking of builing an ark. Alrighty.
I also need you guys to start keeping me honest. I have found myself to have no tests during the day then tons starting in the evening. I think I end up going downstairs without the finger sticker or strips and because of the foot pain don't want to go upstairs after it. I also have a terrible memory thanks to some fo the meds they had me on for RSD. My mom told me on day now you know how a burned out druggie feels. I said yeah but I never got high in my life. Oh well. I need to remember to call Social Security to see what they are doing.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why I hate doc's who think they know Everything about D....
Okay this will be my first official D related post. On Thursday afternoon I went to an orthopedist about my shoulder. The doc diagnosed the problem as a frozen should and gave me a steriod injection to calm down the swelling. Well once, I knew he was giving me a steriod injection I pulled out my pump to up my basals. Now comes where the doc almost got smacked upside the head. He told me I shouldn't be upping my basals right away that I should just test frequently and treat. Well he doesn't know Wendy the wierd and her experiences with Steriod injections. The first one I ever got while pumping damn near put me into DKA and gave me an ulcer. The next one I took I upped my basals immedietly and had slight highs but nothing like I did the first time. So I so wanted to ask this doc how long have you had type 1? Even if he had responded x number of years. I would have said well fool this is what works for me and what I am going to do for it. I just hate when docs think they need to advise us on everything. My endo and her PA know I'm pretty independant. The PA says yep you will call when you need a refill of glucagon or can't hold anything down for hours on end. Well can't help it I am very onery. Well since having the Steriod injection on thursday my numbers haven't been that bad. I was 199 when we got home from the docs office. I then overbolused for dinner so dropped down to 68 with lots of your screwed insulin on board. I then went up to 176, 241, 139, 182, 138, 126, 133, 208, 231, 186, 116. 178, and 207. I really consider these to be decent numbers considering I have a bunch of steriods on board. All I can say is thank god for Fozzie the pump. I am also done with physical therapy and on a home program so hopefully will get the full range back. I am to call if not better in 3 weeks.
On the animal front, I am sitting in my nice warm heated house worrying about the animals. We are having a major wind and slight snow storm. I am sure the animals will all be fine. I just worry about Georgie and White Night. Who have such great personalities. I love them both SOOO much. I love all the other animals here also. Oh and if anyone wants a phone answering cat contact me. I'm gonna kill ours soon. (ONLY JOKING) She is a crazy orange kitty and makes life here interesting. Mom found a dead mouse in her shoe one morning. I believe the cat deposited it there for later. She loves to hurt the mice and play with them. The crazy dog attacks the vaccuum cleaner. She actually bites at it. Well it did try to vacuum up her toy one day. The poor puppy. All the other farm animals are doing great.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Sister's class's Ass
Okay everyone. Since on my initial blog post I introduced you to my new ass. Well I would now like to introduce you to my sister's class's ass. My sister got a grant for her class and another class to measure various farm animals to see how everything grows. Well they actually recieved money from two different grants so they were able to buy an minature donkey. This donkey's name is Georgie and he is extremely sweet. I actually fell in love with White Night when we went and saw Georgie before he came to our farm. On Sunday Night White Night actually spoke to us and brayed for the first time. Not at all loud and noisy like larger donkeys, but I am biased. If you are wondering how one deals with all these animals it comes with living on a farm. We have a horse, calf, two cows, lots and lots of goats, more on them at another post, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks and lots and lots of rabbits. Opps almost forgot the two animals we have who live in the house, our cat and boss dog. More about all the animals in future posts. If having a bad day it is always fun to go out and watch the baby goats "play". I am also enjoying watching the donkeys play also. They are becoming more accepting of "people" petting them and have started coming to the fence looking for some contact. White Night was initially very shy but now he will allow me to pet him. Georgie has always allowed pets. We have one baby goat who is named Gimpy doo because she was born with bad back legs. I campaigned for her to stay on the farm. Saying jeepers if I was an animal would have been sold at the market twice. Okay well I should get going now. I will post more about myself and the animals of course.