Monday, January 22, 2007


The weather here has turned cold. We were being spoiled by a nice warm winter. Now all of a sudden it is freaking cold here. Not much snow here yet, which stinks but I think the animals are happy about that. Our chickens are not the brightest animals on the farm they continue to lay eggs even though it is fridged here. There eggs make great egg salad. Let's see this has been a hectic month so far. My girl scout troop has been doing Zink the Zebra workshops. This program is absolutely AWESOME. It teaches kids about differences and accepting those who are different. Over the weekend we went on two fantastic council trips. They earned a patch at one and worked with flowers and stuff. That was a super cool workshop unfortunately the scents gave me a major migraine. I have about another 2 weeks before the cookie orders start coming into me. I am dreading that. I actually take the time to type in the orders onto the computer. It double checks the math and everything.
I am dreading my appointment tomorrow morning with the pain doc. It is time to get this gosh darn pain pump filled. I HATE that. Actually the doctor is off tomorrow but coming in to fill my pain pump and take care of another patient. I like the doctor just hate the filling of the damn thing. The next day we have to go to another appointment about my benefits. I hate this but luckily found the paperwork I needed. I will start volunteering at one of our local schools.
I am also working on learning to Crochet and knit. A friend was instructing me online and I think I can actually get two lines of Crochet done. I am also using online instructions from It will be a miracle if this spaz can learn to do both or one of these things. I have read lots of books lately. Currently I am working on the 4th Sisterhood of the Traveling pants book. I am really enjoying it so far. I also have read 3 Agatha Raisin books since the beginning of the year. I am working on lowering my a1c. I go to the endocriminologist on February 1st. I am not sure I am going to succeed in the new me challenge. I think I might get my 2 week average under 170 but, the lows are happening a lot. I think I have used up the 6 already. Oh a cause for celebration. I have Copilot back on my computer. Of course the scariest graph showed that 49% of the time I am high and 51% of the time I am either low or in range. This is just horrible. These are all numbers from before Christmas. I was too lazy to download my pump into the computer. I need to download them again soon. We just found out today my cousin's daughter is pregnant with twins. She has the cutest one year old. He was at our house last Wednesday. One super fast crawler. I actually enjoy the kids and love to play with them. He also provided a great break for us. We were cleaning out the closets last week. He and his grandma came and visited with us for awhile which was a welcome break. I need to clean up my messy room one of these days. Well I had better get going since it is only 5 hours till the appointment I am dreading.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Update

A quick update after last nights idiocy. It must have just been what the heck I needed. I actually didn't crash till about 10:30 this morning. The lowest I ever hit last night was 289. The idiocy occured after 12:11 and the numbers from then on are:
12:11 300
1:27 361
1:42 279
2:02 319
3:19 293
and this morning 10:14 50. Okay commentary from last night. WHAT THE HELL was going on. I actually bolused with the cozmonitor for each high number. I HATE DIABETES. Okay, I am gonna go work on cleaning out the closets downstairs with my mom. We figure while dad is away we should be able to get something done. Looks like it should be an interesting day. I think we might also feed the animals early today as the tempature is supposed to drop dramatically during the day.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Okay, Pass the idiot of the year award would you please. I am so dumb I can't believe I am admitting to doing what I just did. I was changing my site. The old one had been in for well I have no clue how many days. Now on the cozmo you have the load menu. Normally I would just click on fill cannula when not putting on new tubing. Well like an idiot I clicked on fill tubing. I ended up bolusing 3 units unitentionally. That is bad enough. Instead of quiting there I even clicked on the fill cannula thing. So I ended up bolusing 4.2 units. Luckily I am high so the insulin probably won't hurt to much but just can't get over my stupidity. Well, I should get going we are going to clean out the closets tommorow. What a fun job.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Super Busy
Sorry everyone, but my life has been super busy the past month and a few days. Let's see The piglets and momma pig are no longer on the farm. They went to Market right before Christmas. We added a new goat Hershel to our farm animals. We had Christmas and New Years thrown in also. Also had my nephews 30th birthday party. December and the beginning of January were just so busy. We had a great Christmas here. Our family Christmas celebration was crazy but not too bad. I need to post the Christmas card we sent out to everyone this year. It is just too cute not to share. I promise to do that soon. I had to get all the girl scout cookie stuff out to the girl scout troops. I still have some troops that haven't gotten their stuff yet. I loved being able to give the stuff out in November. The four bad goats are still escaping and unfortunately were joined by the newest conman on the farm Hershel. I think we have Hershel proofed the yard for him I will have to let you know tommorow. I am starting to call the bad goats the "god damn goats". Funny thing is all I have to do is yell that and they take off for the fence to go in. My jack russel got the cutest John deere cap for Christmas. I will also post a picture of her in it for you all to see. My mom also says it is okay to get another dog. Penny has been asking for a sister for a long time. We are waiting till the spring. Mom wants a Yorkie poo. We had a Yorkiepoo before we got Penny. I want another Jack Russel, but then worry that Penny is just the cream of the breed. She is actually a very calm Jack Russel. Trying to think if anything new has come up. Just had super busy month and beginning of the year.
Oh I did enter the diabetes O-C new me challange. My goal is to get my a1c down to 7.5. I have had one heck of a run of lows just recently. Well I hope you like the new look of my blog. Oh and yes it is National delurking month. So please if you actually read this blog please let me know. Also if I didn't add you to the blogs I read post let me know also. I had better get going want to watch the repeat of Nashville Star tonight.