Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gimpy doo daring the other goats to come get her food.
Gimpy doo eating from her pile. Notice not other goats around. She would pace the fence knowing she was the last one fed.
Gimpy in the field.
In Mourning of Gimpy Doo
Hi Everyone. Well, I hate to announce this but my favorite goat Gimpy doo died today. We went out to feed the animals and she was laying in the spot we normally feed her. I do have some pictures of the Gimpy doo. This goat and I are kindered spirits. She never let anything stop her. Actually the only goat that knew its name. If I would call Gimpy she would look for me and walk to the fence. She even knew she got a "special" pile of food. NO ONE none of the goats or cows were allowed to bully my goat from her food. I had a water gun and wasn't afraid to use it. Yes there were times when someone would get to Gimpy's pile but she got a lot of food. I am gonna post 3 pictures of the Gimpy doo. She was actually born with some issue or injured as a young goat. Her hind legs didn't always work well, but it had seemed the last 2 weeks she was walking better. Normally she kept the one leg always off the ground. I remember sometimes seeing her walking almost in a head stand position. I am gonna miss the times I would sit by the fence protecting my baby like a mamma bear. If I needed to feed something else mom took over the post. All the other animals are doing fine. Actually I found it neat, I have two recent pictures of Gimpy cause i was taking a picture of the baby sheep goat. I also have one from awhile ago taken for part of the Congratulations to Daniel Doo. I am sure I told everyone that Gimpy really wasn't supposed to stay on the farm. I protested at the thought of sending her to market. My brother actually listened to my arguments and said she could stay and be moved up with the goats during our busy time. Gimpy doo. My dog who helps us feed the animals would get leashed and in trouble if she were to bite at Gimpy Doo. She would be put on the gator to wait for us. Only goat she really wasn't allowed bite through the fence. She is trying to herd them and make them listen. Just doesn't realize they are eating dinner. The one goat is mean and will stand at the fence and butt her. Actually she got in the pen one day and this goat butted her good. Feb, 2005 to June 11, 2006.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

3 Cheers for Amazon
Hi everyone. Okay just a quick update for everyone. Today was a super busy day. We went to OTB to see the Belmont stakes today. We went and saw the Preakness three weeks ago and two weeks before that went to the Kentucky Derby. We had to be there early to save a table. Well being the cheap person I am I brought my Soduku book and a reading book. I gambled a little and lost some money but still had a goodtime. I also got to pick up a mouse for my computer. The OTB place was so cold though was thankful my parents were coming up later. I told mom to bring me a coat and a sweatshirt. After the race we went out to dinner. I then arrived home and see that my Ipod had arrived. I ordered it through Amazon Wednesday night. It wasn't due to arrive till June 15th, but it arrived in 3 days. How AWESOME is that. Heck I used gift certificates we got with our one credit card those were Ordered on June 2nd. They actually arrived on June 7th. They weren't even supposed to arrive here till June 19th. I just can't believe from ordering the Gift cards to recieving the ipod was a week and 1 day. Maybe I should play the lottery. I need to go start downloading stuff onto my ipod. If you have any suggestions please post a comment.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Well Spring is here I think
Spring has arrived here on the farm. We have had a couple of births and a couple of deaths already this spring. We had a baby goat that didn't make it. We had even tried giving it some milk from the bottle but she never accepted it. We also had two baby sheep goats born. One of which is doing well. We thought she might have not made it the 2nd day but turns out mom was hiding the baby in the woods someplace. Another sheep goat was born, but didn't make it. I am wondering if the cold and wet spell that came when it was very young did it in. Oh then we have had some scheduled departures here on the farm. Oatmeal, my favorite cow, she was like my child. She went to another farm to meet her "husband" and be bred. From this farm she will probably convert to an amish cow and go to pennsylvania to be milked. Oatmeal left on Mother's day. I actually was outside to help load her in the trailer. I believe it made it that much easier to get her in the trailer. Of course one of the nutty goats got on the trailer also. So my brother had to go get the dumb goat out. Goats are so dumb but they can be cute. My one brother did see the bad side of Yuhoo. Her husband will be Oscar the bull. Yuhoo is enjoying the new found ruling of the empire since Oatmeal left. Actually Wind the Horse is still the Queen bee of the farm. Yuhoo runs in terror when Wind is around. Funny thing is Wind actually has never been mean to Yuhoo. I think she told them she came from a Reform farm and was sent away for killing a cow and they believed her. Georgie the donkey is becoming a regular WISE ASS. He is trying to knock me down whenever I go in the pen for their buckets. He is basically becoming a brat donkey. White Knight is a good donkey and tries to put Georgie in his place. The kids came to measure the animals and White knight was fairly calm but Georgie was wild. We did get him measured but he was a challenge. Oh Pork Chops and Applesauce went to the butcher shop to become dinner. We also had a new arrival on the farm, Jack, the billy goat. He is also known as stinky cause he STINKS to high heaven. Gimpy doo my favorite goat is doing great. Actually she paces the fence now waiting for us to dumb the food over for her. She is special and gets her own pile of food. The sheep goats also will come up and complain if we don't dump their pile off food in what they consider a timely fashion. Gotta love the animals. Someone asked why we don't get turkey lurkey a girl friend. It seems it is hard to find a female bird who is of his species. He is actually semi behaving.
Okay, that is the animal updates. Now for the update on me. We went to see the pain doctor in NYC. She did complete the paperwork we needed done. Of course it never made it to the right place. The records from the pain doc out here never made it to her either. I need to find the pain pump refill info and fax it to her. I also am gonna get a copy of the records from out here and send them to her. She is gonna put me in the hospital for the next pain pump fill so we can figure out the correct dose of medicine in this thing. It seems like she is trying to move things along. The diabetes well that has just been the diabetes. It is god's ever changing roller coaster. Well I need to get going now.