Sunday, February 26, 2006

Celebration in the Works
Well, We now have plans for Easter Sunday. You may thing oh big deal. Well this year my parents will be celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Yep 60 years. 10 years ago they renewed their wedding vows and we had a party a week after easter. Wait maybe it was 2 weeks. Now we need to decide what to give them. I think a family picture would be a good idea, but one sister, will not be here. I figure why not wait and have everyone get together for a picture not on Easter sunday. Well I will post when they decide. They really don't want to go anyplace. We have a big picture of the whole family in our living room. We have one of all the kid's and parents taken many moons ago. I think both could be replaced with updated versions. I will keep you posted.

Friday, February 24, 2006

A Whine and Cheese Party
Okay, I got the phone call I was waiting for and also dreading today. I have to go on Tuesday to get the pain pump filled. Getting this thing filled is such a pain in the ass. It really makes me doubt the viability of the implanted insulin pump. The same company who is working on that is manufacturer of my pain pump. I have had more issues with this pump. The alarm in now sounding so that makes it even more interesting. The doc wants to make sure he is in the pump. Their claim is that because I have gained so much weight. Actually, I haven't gained a pound in the last 6 or so months. So kiss my butt. So I am definitely not looking forward to Tuesday.
To add insult to injury we need to go down to the hospital on Monday to drop off the CGMS. It has been an experience wearing this and I hope that it gives us good information. I am keeping this in till it either stops recieving a signal or falls out. The PA asked if I was worried about site issue. I told her I would not tell her how long I generally keep my pump sites in cause she would yell at me. I am terrible about changing pump sites and I keep them in as long as I can. I know it is a bad habit but oh well.
The animals are all doing great. Wind was obnoxious today. She was mad at us cause we left to go feed the other animals and didn't stay to protect her from the goats. Well you are at least 100 lbs more then the goat bite them if they get in your bucket. She went over and chased Oats away from her bucket of food. This caused Oats to go steal Yuhoo's bucket of food. We tried to restore order, but Wind refused to return to her bucket. After five minutes of freezing in the wind. I said skip it. She is being a brat. We just dumbed her food on the ground and walked away. Don't worry she ate the sheep food. My mom tends to spoil Wind. I love her dearly but think she needs to listen to us and keep her in her spot. The donkeys are doing Great. White Knight has been talking to us, but the other day Georgie bit me. He is now on a reform program. Any time he shows teeth or tries to bite I smack his nose. We have tried niceness just wasn't working. Well, I will update you all about my adventure on Tuesday if I survive. I wonder if they will change the med this time??????

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Problems, Problems and more problems
Last time I posted. I was waiting for the last of the cookie orders to print out so I could double check my order. I thought I was almost done. Well, I had found out two troops where not put in the system. I put in these orders and also go back to the 4 or 5 troops that ordered gift of caring cookies. What a pain in the ass. Sorry georgie and white night. Around 4 am or so, I finally get all 0 is in the columns which means no extra boxes all full cases. PHEW!!!. I send the order to the council. The poor lady from council has 21 Service units to put into the computer cause only 10 used the program. That just sucks. She is such an nice lady. I then go to try to find these lovely sheets that need to be filled out for each troop for a contest our council was having. I can't find them anywhere I look. I finally do find them but then I had misplaced all the troops order sheets. I finally found everything and layed down for a little bit. I might have gotten an hour of sleep maybe less.
We get up and go to mom's regular doctor appointment. He has an intern working with him. I end up getting the giggles because this guy was totally clueless. He had no idea that coumadin and warfarin were the same medicine. I was just laughing so hard. We then go to the dentist. Mom got a real deal on her lower teeth. They say she really doesn't need a new upper plate. Even though she had gotten the Sr. discount and some other discount off her initial plate. They gave her the full dollar amount off. The dentist was very appologetic and nice. Really DO NOT blame them but BLAME the damn delivery company. Get the stuff to the right office and this shit might not have happened.
After all this we go to Staples and the grocery store for Bannanas. Then we head for the hairdresser's. I was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut. I looked like the shaggy DA. Luckily we didn't have to wait long at all for the haircut. Then after all this stuff we take the order forms to the girl scout office. I finish doing the lovely forms and hand in our order. Thank goodness for small favors. I go out to the car to order the pizza on my cellphone. The Pizza hut picks up and the battery dies.
We decide to drive over to the Pizza hut and place the order. Of course they no longer sell the dippin strips pizza. We get the new stuffed crust pizza and some cinnamon bread sticks. We get home around 3 or so. Eat the pizza and some cinnamon breadsticks. We then go out to feed the animals. Mom ends up feeding dad the left over pizza for dinner.
Now we are to Thursday another fun day. I go to endo's office and get attached to the CGMS. After that we leave and head for the Walmart. We decide to get some lunch from McDonald's to really see what my sugars do. We have McDonald's then go off and do our shopping. On the way home from walmart we stop at the Hardware store to see if we can get a radiator valve. My heater has bad valve on it mom thinks. It will stop working at times. Unfortunately they are out but will order them in for us. We then go ask sister to go to Friendly's for dinner. Dad isn't gonna be home so we are taking advantage of this and really testing the monitor. Have I mentioned I LOVE their Honey BBQ chicken and besides which I have the CGMS so we need to see the evilness of foods. We then go out and feed the animals. Need to get a few bales of hay since we are out of hay. I load the bales of hay on the gator and check the CGMS. It says DISCONN....OH SHIT. I hit the buttons and test sugar to recalibrate. Go up to feed the animals. Get two or three more DISCONN messages. I don't think this is a good sign. We come in the house and I call the PA from Endo's office. She calls back and says to call minimed about it. I call them. They have me go through a couple of steps and say it is a non fixable problem Either, site or wire problem. So not working. I remove the sensor and find it to be BENT. I will take a picture of it and post it here. So much for experimentation. Oh I did find i was 62 during one of the alarms but was out feeding the animals. Temp basal of 0 for a 1/2 an hour worked on that. Well I force myself to eat the friendly's dinner and ice cream. I get another call from the PA and tell her that it is a failure. She says okay come in on Tuesday and we will reconnect you. I am bringing Mastisol this time.
Now we are to Friday. Friday was pretty much a okay day. No major disaster's to speak of. Well a few nasty sugars and stuff but oh well. Isn't that diabetes. Friday evening get an e-mail from the PA. They need to charge me for the sensor since my insurance won't cover it. I call mom and ask if she will pay the money for the sensor an she says yes. PHEW. Thank you Mom!!!!!!!
Onto Saturday. A very interesting day to say the least D wise. I ended up in the 200's and then a lovely 314. Pump says to bolus for the 314 so I agree. Well about 45 minutes after the bolus I start to feel like shit. I test I am now 134. Okay that is quite a drop. I retest just cause not sure if that number is right or not. I get 125. I have over 5 units of YOU ARE SCREWED Insulin waiting to pounce on me. I eat about 8 glucose tabs and wait till it alarms telling me to test. An hour after the 314 and 8 glucose tabs later am 118. This really sucks.. HAVE I SAID I HATE DIABETES and all this SHIT lately. I am considering throwing something, but with my luck would break some priceless item I love. Oh and to top all this off it is damn cold here this weekend. Isn't so bad without the wind but riding on the gator was just bitter. Well I am gonna go on a hunt for some food.
Ellen asked how many cookies our communitiy is getting. We are getting a grand total of 14,808 boxes of cookies. That is equal to 1234 cases. If I were to eat that many cookies would be a bazillion pounds and need one hell of a lot of insulin. I was also asked why I didn't sell to any online friends. That is unfortunatley against Girl Scout policy. We are not allowed to ask people online if they want cookies. I am not looking forward to March 14. We need to sort all these cookies and get them to their appropriate troops. I ordered 30 boxes for my niece to sell luckily. A good friend who always orders called on Wednesday night to order 10 boxes of cookies. We have another good friend who will take a bunch also. I just order a wide variety and let him come make his choice. Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The last few days...

Okay, I am sitting here waiting for the last of the cookie orders to print out. Jeepers I need a faster printer here. I'm gonna be old before they print out. We need to take the sheets to the council office tommmorow. I also need to submit my order on the Ebudde system. This program is okay. Lot's of room for improvement. Hopefully they give out Survey's and we will be able to recommend things to them. Tommorow is a busy day.
Mom needs to go to the regular doc and then the doctor to get the impressions for her new teeth taken. I believe I updated you on the fact that they have LOST her teeth. I am also planning on getting my hair cut tommorow. Then we will take the forms down to the girl scout office. We need to feed the animals also. The next day it looks like I will be attached to the CGMS for 3 days. Joy Joy. Oh I think I have figured out what to do for my quilt square. I am going to get a picture of the two donkeys. It will say Georgie and White Knight say Kick Type 1 diabetes in the picture of the donkey here. I might also get a picture of me and the dog on the gator and have the saying. Penny and Wendy say...Drive type 1 diabetes to extinction. Tell me if you like the combination or one of these idea. I figure I can put the diagnosis date and stuff on the quilt someplace also.
The diabetes has been kind of odd of late. I seem to be on a danged roller coaster. Either Hi or Low. Now, I enjoy roller coasters but not the D type. With the animals we have one escaped bunny. Actually two got out on Friday night, we caught the one, but the other is being a devil of a bunny. Poor dog is totally confused. I yelled at her not to chase the bunny. Then I come in and get her to chase the bunny out from under our pool deck. She did a good job. Penny got to ride in a big tractor on Friday. We were out feeding the animals and one of the works brought a new bale of hay. Instead of trying to open the fence and keep an eye on the dog. I put her up in the tractor with the worker. She really thinks I am an evil mom for that. Saturday into Sunday we got quite a bit of snow, but not too much. My brother used the tractor to make a path for us to get to the animals.
The Girl Scout papers are finally done printing out. Now I can double check my awards order for each troop and then submit everything on the computer. I am so glad all this crud is done. Really isn't that bad. We have 94 boxes of cookies to donate to the wounded soilders thanks to the gift of caring program. We are also shipping some of the cookies over to soilder's serving. If you know a soilder who is serving who would like some girl scout cookie feel free to e-mail me. I will contact you for the information. Not much more to comment or post about. I can't wait for Pizza hut tommorow for a late lunch. That is our tradition. We get a dippin strips pizza from pizza hut for lunch. Well I had better get going and finish all shit girl scout stuff.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In response to the latest tag. Spraying with anti tag spray now.
Four Websites I visit Daily

4. don't have a 4th one i check regularly

Four Places I've beeon on vacation

1. Walt Disney World
2. St. Croix
3. Washington DC
4. North Carolina

Four TV Shows I like to watch
1. St Elsewhere, even though it isn't on TV anymore.
2. Strong Medicine
3. Law and Order SVU
4. Seventh Heaven

Four Movies I can watch over and over again
1. It's A Wonderful Life
2. A Christmas Story
3. The Incredibles
4. Shrek

Four Jobs I have had
1. Animal feeder
2. Cashier
3. Home health aide
4. Camp counselor
I now Tag Heidi.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A very busy day
Okay today was an extremely busy day. First of all, I got up early to go out and put straw in the animal pens and take care of the donkeys. The kids were coming to measure the animals today. Of course I woke up low unfortunately. I ate a bowl of oatmeal and forgot to bolus for it. DOOH!!!!! Well as we were getting dressed to go out and take care of the animals our cleaning lady came in the house. No problem, but then we got to chatting so started out a 1/2 an hour later then really wanted to. We go out to the animals. I feed the donkeys some grain and then we go down the barn to get some straw. These are small bales of straw so it takes a lot. Well we are getting to the "bottom" of the box so reaching these bales wasn't easy. We get the first load of straw and take it up. We decide to bed the goats pen first. I then remember I need to take an allergy pill. It seems I have an allergy to straw and hay. UGH!!!! I go in the house and can only find an alavert pill. I take one and go out of the house. We put the straw all around and in the goats barn. They were all good and remained outside. Of course the fools are eating the straw and not the hay we had put in. After we finished with the goats pen, it is 11:30. We need to catch the goats for the kids to measure and also need more straw. We go down the barn after another load of straw for the coops. I then decided to get the calf and the donkeys out of their pens figuring it will make it easier to spread the straw. Well Oscar the calf was raising heck. What a pain in the butt he was. We tied him to the fence. Of course he has terrified the poor donkeys. I then decide to take the donkeys out and hook them to the fence. They are onery fools. They don't want to walk so it is more like a drag. Well by the time we had gotten those three animals out of the pens. It was time to catch the baby goat. I dumb some food near a corner. Then go in the pen while they were eating food. I grab the first goat and hand it off to mom. We then hook that goat on a leash. I then go and catch the other goat. Usually this is an ordeal but today it wasn't. I give her to mom and put her on a leash. The problem is this turkey goes through the fence back in the pen. I end up holding the goat in my arms as i exit the pen. Well in the meantime mom drops the other goats leash. Well we finally were able to catch that goat. After she dumped the pail of cow food.
Okay so then we decide to sit at the picnic table and wait for the kids to arrive. All the animals were measured. We left the calf and the donkeys hooked to the fence till the kids left. I also took them up to the other pasture to see the baby lambs. They are sooooooo cute. I need to get some pictures of them. We then put the straw in the calfs and donkey pen. After doing all this I am starting to get a very sore throat. I am reacting to the straw and stuff. We come in the house and I take 3 benadryl and eat another bowl of oatmeal. Blood sugar after all the wrestling is 3 something. I take a short nap and then we go out to feed the rest of the animals. I feel like a 300 year old lady. After feeding the animals we come in and have cake for my father's birthday. I am exhausted. The animals were very good for their measurments. The donkeys got a little fiesty but they were good. The calf was only a devil when going in or out of his pen. Well I need to get going now. Will update you soon.