Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WE ARE the Champions!!!!! of the AL EAST!!!!!
Well tonight thanks to a Boston Red Sox lost. They Yankees have clinched their 9th. That is 9 American League east Title. It is hard to believe for a fan even through the bad years. The Eric Kerplunk years. That the Yankess have done it again. I now hope we can make it 27 World Series Championships. I am a huge Yankees fan and it is so fun to watch this team. Who can believe this again. With all the injuries the Yankees have been through. Jeepers we lost Matsui and and Sheffield for a period of time. Now they have 10 days to rest and recoup for the post seaon. I so want the Yankees to win the World Series this year. WHY????? Don Mattingly does not have a series ring yet and he so DESERVES ONE. CONGRATULATIONS YANKEES!!!!!
Handing out Crying towels to all the boston fans.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Introducing the 4 piglets...

I forgot to post about the birth of the piglets. They were born on Tuesday September 12th. They already have names. Bacon, Pork chop, Sausage and Ham Steak. They are just so cute and fun to watch it now takes us forever to feed the animals. All the other animals are doing great.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who the Hell does David Ortiz think he is?
Okay, I was reading the sports section of our paper today. They are talking about the race between David Ortiz and Derek Jeter for MVP. Now lets think about a few things here. First off all the Red Sox have virtually eliminated themselves from any chance of a playoff birth. They Yankees need to win or the Red sox need to lose 10 more games for the Yankees to clinch the American League title. Well on Sunday Mr. Ortiz, aka, shithead, is quoted as saying the following. According to the Boston Globe, Ortiz said Sunday, "They're talking about Jeter a lot, right? He's done a great job, he's having a great season, but Jeter is not a 40 homer hitter or an RBI guy. It doesn't matter how much you've donee for your ball club, the bottom line is, the guy who hits 40 home runs and knocks in 100, that's the guy you know helped your team win games." The guy continues on about Jeter. Well sorry but if you team were in a race for the playoff the MVP race would probably be closer. Actually I feel that Mariano Rivera or a closer is as important to the team as a Jeter or even Mr. O. Okay that is my rant against the Red sox and their whinney players. Let's see the Yankees lost Hidecki Matsui and Gary Sheffield, but they still have been able to win games. Of cours Hidecki is returning to the Lineup tonight and Sheffield will be returning soon. Sorry about my rant here, but I hate it when people disrespect the Yankee
Oh on a positive not, the pig had her piglets today. She had four little piglets who are so cute. Hopefully they all survive to adult hood. I will try to take pictures of them on Thursday or Friday.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hi Everyone, Okay, so today was a rather busy day. I had to go help sister put the books back in the one cabinet for the teachers. I also had to attend my uncles viewing. I come home and decide to finally check my e-mail. I am the member of a mailing list. I won't say which one but it is a fairly popular d related one. No issue there. I get the digest version of the e-mails. I sometimes just open and never read the e-mail. I decide to read this digest. Well one of the parents on the list posts about her 2nd child being diagnosed. This just breaks my heart. I don't even know the kid but my heart is breaking for the parent and the child. Then another person about 3 or 4 post later posts how this is not such a big deal. I am sorry, I don't care that is not what you say to a parent at this time. Or am I wrong. Diabetes isn't that big of a deal...well maybe not in you life. But personally I hate this freakin disease and feel bad for any kid that has to deal with it. I have a friend who has a brother who has D also...and she says if he said that to her mother she would have ripped his head off. Okay that's enough of my rant. I just want it to stop raining soon. Oh and we got our new pig yesterday. Sally is due to have her piglets on September 10th. I will post when she delivers. Actually in 2001 our pig had her piglets on September 11th. Okay, well right right now I am just spitting bullets so watch out. I might hit you with one. I think it is a combination of a afew things.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The hole in my finger

Note to self. Do not hold wire cutters in hand and whack at anything. I ended up cutting quite a chunk out of my finger last night. We came in and washed it up which hurt like holy heck. Tryed to decide if I should go to the ER or just stay home. After viewing the pit in the finger decide there is nothing they can do. I ended up going to the GP today for a tetnus shot. God only knows where those wire cutters last were. She told me to call tommorow if it looks infected. It hurts like hell right now.
The past week has been very busy. I have been helping my sister set up her classroom for the start of school. We had to unpack a ton of boxes and encourage her to throw out some stuff. I am heartless. I kept trying to give away the ton of extra clipboard she had. Also got up a couple of bulletin boards for her. She just got in her classroom a week before her open house so it really put her under the gun to get the room in shape. Of course one poor teacher got into her room the DAY before her open house. I felt really bad for her. We have also made multiple trips to Staples and a trip to the teaching store and walmart. I actually got a deal last friday at walmart. I got an HP printer, copier, scanner for $45.00, it was on clearance. My printer is on it's last legs. So I got this one. I have to say it is an awesome machine. On the other bargain front. We went to Shoprite a week ago Saturday. I got 50.oo worth of stuff for .95 cents. They had ran a special buy x number of these items get a coupon for this. We had 47.00 worth of coupons from that. My mother wanted me to just let them go to waste. I'm like heck no. My sister thinks they have a don't comback sign with my picture posted. I told mom I should have tried to get a gift card. Which reminds me need to go to Shoprite tommorow to get some more diet coke.
I also went to the movies today. I got to see Accepted is a funny movie. Not a real thinking movie but enjoyed it. We fed the animals when I got home then went out to dinner with my parents. I am now waiting to see if the super bolus worked. My blood sugar is 262 but I have large ketones. I have another 15 minutes before it is time to check. I am hoping this is just related to the fact that I had a no delivery for a couple hours blocked tubing. I also forgot to sign the pump off the Load screen. I really hate diabetes right now. I need to also sign up for a walk team and get some sneakers to sell down our stand. Okay well I should get going. Have a great labor day weekend.