Monday, May 07, 2007

Penny is home

Well, Penny is home from the dog hospital. She is doing okay for right now. She was just so glad to see us when they brought her into the room. She actually cried telling us all about the stuff they did to her. She goes to her regular vet in 10 days. Just glad to have the dog home with us. I know I will sleep much better tonight.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A quick update on Penny, my dog

Well, I called at 2 am last night to check on Penny. She was doing much better after the transfusion of blood. This morning we got the call from the internal medicine doctor. It seems Penny's uterus was full of pus. She needed to be fixed today. The surgical team could fit her in this afternoon. I agreed to that. The doctor also recommended we not come down to see her tonight because she would be recovering yet. The surgery did have some risks but really was the only way to save Penny's life. We got a call around 3 pm. Penny was out of surgery and had no issues with aneasthia. Thank god. If she does not have any more issues with anemia. She will come home on Monday night. They are not really sure why or what made her become so anemic. It could have been the infected uterus, could be an immune attack. The surgeon seems to hope maybe this will cure the problem. I will keep you all updated. We will get a call tomorrow between 9 and 11 am. I just hope it is to say Penny has remained stable and is doing great. Please keep the prayers and get well wishes coming for Penny. Thank you for all the support.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Penny my dog is sick
Hi Everyone, Please keep Penny, my 11 year old jack russell Terrier in you prayers tonight. We had to take her to the dog hospital with anemia. We will know more tomorrow if she makes it through the night tonight. I just miss her so much. I am posting a picture of her here. Please just pray everything is okay with her.