Tuesday, May 09, 2006

5 pokes and a few other things about today

This morning I woke up with a blood sugar of 243. My pump site had fallen out sometime during the night. I don't think it was that early in the night or would have been higher. I put in a new set. The old one looks red and nasty so need to keep an eye on it. I put the new set in my tummy because the legs seem to be reacting to the comforts in a different way. I went as high at 286 but multiple boluses brought me down to 179. Dinner has then kicked me up sky high. We had pancakes and sausage. I am waiting to see if the bolus is working.
Okay today was a very long day. I had to go get the pain pump filled today. Well it took the doc five count them 5 tries to get into the pump. He was so frustrated. Actually the last time he finally got in they didn't use any of the freezy spray which was okay with me. He kept commenting about me going back to the neurosurgeon for a repositioning of the pump. So maybe it is just where this sucker is located. He also upped the medicine again. Told me I was getting up there in dose. I didn't ask him to fill out the paperwork for the one program because of all the stress. I am gonna schedule a regular appointment with him. I may lie and say I need a pain pump upping. I want to explain to him why we are going into NY and ask him if she is willing would he be willing to fill the pump 2 times a year. I also worry about what happens if one of the drugs doesn't work well and we need to go back in for a med change.
Well the animals are all doing great and growing. Georgie the donkey tried to pull down my pants today and I caught the nasty goat trying to hurt my baby gimpie doo. You don't do that in front of Gimpie's protector. She is the one special goat on the farm. We even give her a pile of food to eat herself. She has issues with her back legs, but toughs it out. We actually stay by the pile of food and squirt the goats with a water gun if they try to steal gimpies food. She is gonna be one fat goat. Another great use for the water guns beside goat patrol is to keep the turkey busy. Our turkey is in search of a lady. We can't get any female turkeys so we are stuck with nasty. He attacks us when we go feed him. If I shoot him with the water gun he comes over and tries to get to me. It works. I just wish he would quit flipping his bowl. Well time for me to get going. I need to test again see if I am dropping.