Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Learning to Crochet
After trying to use a book to learn to crochet and failing miserably. I decided to sign up for a class at Michael's. I can actually single crochet for now. It is a miracle. We are expecting a blizzard here. After the class, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got stuff for mom and dad's new bathroom. Then went to Walmart for stuff for the dogs, curtains and of course Charlotte's web on DVD.
In the diabetes department, I can't figure out the freaking highs from hell which occur each morning. I might up the bolus for breakfast. I woke up low yesterday morning which was odd. The dogs are doing great. Lilly is torturing poor Penny. Well, I need to get going now. I am thinking the current pump site is bad. It hurts like heck. I did ram it into a feed bucket on Monday.