Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Upgraded pump has Arrived

My upgraded Deltec cozmo pump arrived this morning or afternoon. I was acting as greeter at the school. I got home at 2:30 pm. Penny and I then took the gator down to the stand to see if the package was there. The upgraded pump was there. I then started playing with all the software on it. I have to say so far I have used the Meal maker feature. It was awesome. I changed my pump settings to correct back to 100 at 9 am and to 120 at midnight. Hopefully this will help me get my a1c down. I am just so excited for this upgrade. I will have to keep you posted on all the cool stuff. I also like the back light. It will turn on when you hit a button. I am sure the writing and stuff is larger on this pump and also bolder. All I can say is I love it so far. Now Hopefully the new Copilot will be released. No new babies, goats yet.
Also this past week I got to meet Allison, from Lemonade Live, Kate, Kate's quest, Julia and her daugher from Major Bedhead and Val. I forget Val's blog. It was a great time. I even took the subway all by myself and survived. Alright I had better get going now. Puppy is sleeping which means pretty soon she will be waking me up.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jack has a new Home!!!!

Well Jack the goat has a new home. We were at my brother's wedding yesterday. I mentioned to a boy I graduated from High School with and has twin 4.5 year olds that we had the perfect pet for him and the boys. They came this afternoon and took Jack to his new home. Mom and I are very happy Jack found a new home. We would not have been able to keep him here on the farm. He was a boy. We will have him back for a couple of times each month till June. The kids are measuring Jack. This week is going to be super busy for me. On Wednesday the girl scout cookies come in. On Friday the animals get measured. We went to breakfast today. Okay well that was my super fast update.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Busy Month
Well the month of February was super busy here. Let's see we got a new dog, Lilly. Our goats started having babies. We have 3 little goats now. One happens to be in our house. He was kind of week when he was born. We brought him in the house and bottle fed him. He is named Jack, because he lives in a box. We had a snow and ice storm in the middle of the month. We had fridgid weather for a couple of weeks here. I got all the girl scout cookies for our community ordered. PHEW. Now just waiting for delivery. I got an outfit for the wedding coming up next weekend. Need to return it to get a size smaller. I have read a ton of books and went to the endocriminolgist also. Right now the puppy and the baby goat are keeping me on my toes. I promise to post pictures tommorow. Of both. Lilly and Jack. March is shaping up to be even busier then February.