Monday, March 10, 2008

Time for an upgrade

After using the dexcom STS system since September. I have loved it the whole time. I trust it totally. I have decided to buy the Dexcom 7 system. This is motivated by a couple of factors. 1. The STS sensors have gone up to 60 dollars each. That is 300 bucks for a box of 5 sensors. OUCH. 2. The dexcom 7 system is actually onsale this month. For the month of March is is 295.00 for the dexcom starter kit. So for the price of 535. I am getting the Dexcom 7 system and a box of 4 sensors. Much better then the 695. I was originally quoted. I called the rep this afternoon with the credit card info and the system should be here on Thursday. That is AWESOME. I have a ton of crud to do this week. The girl scout cookies arrive on Thursday also. I have the option of getting training on the Dexcom 7 from a CDE. The question is do I really need it or not. Well, I am going to go out and feed the critters. I promise to post later this week.

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type1emt said...

you don't need it-you could totally teach THEM...
Welcome to the Seven Club!lol