Friday, January 11, 2008

Another batch of quick updates. Okay, I haven't posted here in a long time so maybe we will go to bullets for the highlights of what happened this year.

  • In February we got a new puppy. Her name is Lilly and she is a great rather nutty addition to the looney bin.
  • March, was a hectic month. My brother got married and we gave away Jack the goat.
  • April, Not much went on in April basically the last of the goats arrived. It was born on Easter Sunday.
  • May, Started out bad but Penny lived and is back at home doing great.
  • June, I got to go to a book signing. School Ended. A rather slow month.
  • July, I went to Florida for Friends for life.
  • August, I decided to buy a used dexcom.
  • September, I recieved and started using the dexcom. I really love this machine. I promise to post on this later. I also ended up getting the Pain pump replaced. More on that adventure much later.
  • October, First a1c since getting the dexcom. I dropped a full point in 6 weeks.
    We also got a new critter. Sam the bull hopefully to become a steer. We had 10 piglets born on October 7th. We lost one piglet early on but kept 9. We still have 4 little lets running around up in the yard.
  • November, Once again Penny is worrying us. She is anemic again. We need to decide how to treat her. As a family We decide to go on the steriods. I have to say those meds make the dog feel great. Also Heidi get's married. Congratulations Heidi. Nervous energy over first pain pump fill since replacement. More on that later to.
  • December, Penny's numbers are not great but the one vet thinks to give her more time and see if they work their magic. Penny is doing much better with her hips. Go for another a1c and actually went down. I love the dexcom.
I have included a picture of Penny on the top in her Yankees Shirt. We still love the Yankees and have hope for Next year. The second picture is of Lilly. She had a great Christmas and Birthday. She just needs to learn to be nicer to her sister Penny. Lilly is also learning to love the gator like her older sister Penny. The both see the work clothes come out and all hell breaks loose. Well I need to get back to worrying about Penny's latest round of blood work. I am making a late New Year's resolution. To try to keep updating my blog. At least once monthly. This is you January Update. Also another amazing factoid. I have purchased my Airline tickets for the summer already. Well, I need to read more of my book before the pup decides to eat it. Oh and once again thank you all for you support when Penny was so sick. I figure with all the More on that laters, I have a bunch of posts.

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