Thursday, January 24, 2008

A few quick updates

Well I ordered the Kitchen aid stand mixer from Kohls. In the end it ended up costing me about 168.70. I paid for a 30% off coupon on ebay. I am actually very happy with the price. The mixer should be arriving here tomorrow. Then the same day I ordered my mixer my printer decided to die. It was making odd noises all along. I had 1.5 packages of ink for old printer. I decided I would take the unopen package back to Staples. This credit gave me another 42.50 to work with on the printer purchase. I had decided to stick with an HP printer since I have been very happy with them. Staples had one for 80 dollars. Well with the Staples rewards check, two cash cards, and credit for returning the ink. Opps forgot the 9.00, I got for returning ink cartridges. The printer cost me a total of 8.50. That is because I added a 2 year replacement warranty onto the printer/copier/scanner. The man behind me in line said you can't beat that. We then went over to Walmart. I got the blood ketone strips they ordered for me. Also picked up other stuff and pictures. Dropped off 3 video tapes to be turned into DVD's for an upcoming birthday. Soon I will be inundated in Girl scout cookie crud. Well, I need to run gotta train the cookie moms on the new online program. It seems very easy.


Donna said...

Ahhh, Kohl's & Walmart - two of my favorite places. Seems like I'm at one or the other at least 3 or 4 times a week.

You left a note on my blog about me making a Dexcom pack for you. I'm pretty sure I could do this. All I would need would be the measurements of the Dexcom. I checked on their website, but I couldn't find the dimensions. You could get it in any of the fabrics on my website, If you decide to order, place the order on PayPal as usual. Then send me an email ( telling me it's for the Dexcom along with the measurements & that should do it. If you have any questions, just send me an email. This should be no problemm. Thanks.

Good luck with the Girl Scout cookies. I did this when my daughter was in grade school & it was always crazy. But I kinda miss it now...

In Search Of Balance said...

WENDY! You're so awesome! Thank you so much. I posted more about my awesome sussy on my blog :)