Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Susserific.

Okay, I recieved my sussy a few days ago. Actually I am bad it was almost a week ago. I have just been super busy and not feeling great. The sussy did really help to lift me up on that day. I can't wait to read the book. The bag balm is great for dry hands. Last but not least the sugar free lifesavers are delicious. I loved the decorations on the outside of the box. It included Goofy my favorite Disney Character. I kind of take after him I think. This sussy came from Sarah in Chicago. I lost the card with her code name on it. So Sarah I hope you see this and I am sorry I took so long to post about it. I can't wait to read the book that was included. I first need to finish the library books.
I just want to also say thank you to Beth and Amelia for organizing the Sussy exchange.

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Araby62 said...

Hi there...I'm your 'secret sussy friend' :-) My name is actually Kathy, but I post under araby62. I'm thrilled to hear it cheered you up! Glad you liked everything.

And thanks again to Beth & Amylia!